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How to Stage a Small Event that Gains New Supporters and Donors

Ready to host an intimate event your donors and prospects will love? Say goodbye to large event stress and join us to explore the art of hosting a casual porch party that will leave your prospects and donors inspired and ready to contribute! Gail Perry will share her secrets to hosting an intimate porch party style event and coach you on how to utilize this event format to find new supporters.  

In this webinar you will discover how you can host a successful porch party. You’ll learn:  

  • The ”Make Friends First” Approach:  Why building relationships and making connections is the key to engaging donors and unlocking their generosity. We’ll explore the power of making friends with your donors first, and how that can be harnessed to propel your fundraising efforts to new heights.
  • Board Members as Hosts: Your dedicated board members are eager to support your cause, and we’ll show you how to empower them to become the ultimate Porch Party hosts. Learn how they can open doors to their friends and neighbors and ignite a wave of support like never before
  • The Perfect Porch Party Format: We’ll share our favorite secrets to planning, inviting, managing, and following up on your Porch Party. You’ll learn how to create a welcoming atmosphere, and ensure your event is a resounding success. 
  • Mastering the Art of “Working the Room”: Discover insider tips and techniques to identify guests who are genuinely interested in getting more involved. Learn how to cultivate meaningful connections and inspire your guests to become lifelong advocates for your cause. 

Download the slides here!

Meet the Speaker

Gail Perry

Gail Perry is President of Gail Perry Group, a consulting team specializing in comprehensive capital campaigns, board training, and major gift coaching. Specializing in high-net-worth donors, they create transformational fundraising results for nonprofit institutions across the US and Canada. They’ve worked with such clients as the CDC Foundation, Duke Cancer Center, The Smithsonian, San Diego Zoo Global, the Trust for Public Land, and the US Olympic Committee.   As a noted philanthropy speaker and workshop leader, Gail has keynoted fundraising conferences globally, from Australia to Mexico City. She shares her energy and know-how via her international Fired-Up Fundraising newsletter with over 15,000 subscribers around the world.  

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