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The Donors of Tomorrow: Effective Ways to Engage Gen Z

Gen Z are our future (donors), but many nonprofits simply overlook them. While most resources are allocated to big-dollar donors, you should also have a plan to engage Gen Z in your mission to ensure the long-term sustainability of your nonprofit.

In this webinar we discuss the perils of ignoring younger audiences when it comes to donor cultivation and ways to turn these generations into your future donors. We’ll also walk through inspiring real-world examples of how organizations are using dynamic campaigns to reach young audiences and generate mission-fueling revenue and how you can incorporate these tactics into your nonprofit.

Watch this webinar led by Mindy Avitia from Mighty Citizen to learn:

  • What motivates young audiences and how to pique their interest
  • What young audiences want from nonprofits
  • How to create effective campaigns that tap into younger generations, along with real-world examples
  • How young audiences are using technology to connect with nonprofits

Watch this on-demand webinar today to learn valuable strategies to engage with a new generation of donors.

Click here to download the slides.

Meet the Speaker:

Mindy Avitia, Mighty Citizen Senior Events and Marketing Manager

For nearly a decade, Mindy has worked in the nonprofit and social impact sectors. Managing marketing for national and local organizations, including The National Center for Farmworker Health, Austin Community Foundation, and Impact Hub Austin. From the start, she has been inspired by mission-driven organizations–their grit, their perseverance of mission, and their undeniable “mightiness.”  At Mighty Citizen, Mindy works with the brand marketing team to build brand awareness (and bring new leads to the business) through impactful, fun events. Whether that’s through event partnerships, speaking presentations, sponsorship opportunities, webinars, or more, if Mighty Citizen is involved in an event, she likely is too.  When not working, you can find Mindy and her husband hosting parties in their home with their curious toddler, Olive.

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