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Email Series: Fundraising Boot Camp

New fundraisers know they need to master the basics of online fundraising quickly. But the sheer volume of information on the subject can be overwhelming! That’s why we put together this Fundraising Boot Camp; it sums up the basics of online fundraising in a series of short, easy-to-process emails that are delivered right to your inbox.

Whether you’re a brand-new online fundraiser, an intern, or even a fundraising veteran who wants to revisit best practices, this series can help. It covers topics like:

  • Choosing the perfect online fundraising platform
  • Setting up an online fundraising account
  • Building the perfect donation page
  • Getting online event registrations
  • Cultivating your donors
  • Evaluating your fundraising success

The course is free, and you’ll get your first email right away! What are you waiting for?

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