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How to Engage Donors with Text Fundraising

Text fundraising is a great way to reach your donors wherever they are on their mobile devices. Not only can you ask for donations, but you can also use text messaging to engage your donors at your next in-person or virtual event.

Watch this webinar to find out why text fundraising should have a place in your fundraising strategy and how your organization can use it to connect with your donors and event attendees. We’ll provide tips and tricks on:

  • Why you should consider using text fundraising
  • How to use text fundraising for events and campaigns
  • Text fundraising best practices and examples

If you’re planning an event or campaign where text fundraising could come in handy or just curious about whether text fundraising is right for your organization, you don’t want to miss this webinar.

Download the slides here!

Meet the Speaker

Tiara Stephan is Qgiv’s Product Marketing Coordinator. She’s passionate about helping nonprofits find the right technology to help them raise more for their missions. When she’s not typing away about fundraising best practices at her trusty keyboard, you can find her drinking copious amounts of tea, making her next travel plans, and meticulously logging every movie she just watched on Letterboxd.

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