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How to Convert Social Media Fans and Followers Into Long-Term Supporters!  

Billions of people use social media daily to discover news, follow friends, and connect with causes they care about. However, the big question remains – with all this posting, Instagramming, and TikToking – does this really translate into ACTION? What steps can nonprofit professionals take to convert people from passive fans to passionate supporters? How can fundraisers create social media content that actually converts?  

In this webinar, nonprofit social media expert Julia Campbell will take you inside Facebook and Instagram and show you, using real-world examples from small and mid-size nonprofits, what’s working right now and how to make these tools work for you.   

In this session you will discover:  

  • Actionable ways to use social media to get more community support 
  • Why including social media in your overall nonprofit marketing plan is essential 
  • The 3 key elements of nonprofit social media content that drives people to action 
  • What’s working RIGHT NOW in social media marketing for nonprofits 
  • Free and low-cost tools you can use to enhance your social media marketing on a shoestring budget 
  • Real-world examples from organizations of all sizes 

Watch this on-demand webinar today to learn valuable strategies to build a culture of philanthropy with your board of directors!

Click here to download the slides.

Meet the Speaker:

Named as a top thought leader and one to follow by Forbes and BizTech Magazine, Julia Campbell is a nonprofit digital consultant on a mission to make the digital world a better place. Host of the Nonprofit Nation podcast, she’s written two books for nonprofits on social media and storytelling, and her online courses, webinars, and talks have helped hundreds of nonprofits make the shift to digital thinking and raise more money online. You can learn more about Julia at   

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