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How to Create a Future-Proof Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

As busy marketers and fundraisers, we know that the attention of our supporters is the most precious resource. But how can we get through to them? Daily, the human brain is inundated with the equivalent of 34 gigabytes of information—enough to overload a laptop within just a few days!

How can we get our message to rise to the top? How can we focus, prioritize, and get our social media marketing on track? The answer to future-proofing a social media strategy lies in building a vibrant online community.

In this session, nonprofit social media expert Julia Campbell will cover:

  • The ways to navigate changes and trends in the current digital and social media marketing landscape—what nonprofits must know and what is just hype
  • Steps to build your social media strategy and plan (even in very uncertain times)
  • The four pillars of social media management and how to schedule your time online
  • Actionable ways to stay relevant and engage your community right now
  • Several free and low-cost digital tools to enhance your nonprofit marketing

If you’re looking to build a thriving online community and social media strategy that can withstand whatever the future holds, this on-demand webinar is perfect for you! Download the slides or watch the full recording below.

Click here to download the slides

Meet the Speaker:

Julia Campbell

Named as a top thought leader and one to follow by Forbes and BizTech Magazine, Julia Campbell is a nonprofit digital consultant on a mission to make the digital world a better place. Host of the Nonprofit Nation podcast, she’s written two books for nonprofits on social media and storytelling, and her online courses, webinars, and talks have helped hundreds of nonprofits make the shift to digital thinking and raise more money online. You can learn more about Julia at

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