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Homepage to HeroPage: Telling Your Story to Create More Supporters

It’s 2022, and the noise online is growing at exponential rates. Competition for attention and resources is at an all-time high… but so is the opportunity to reach and connect with your ideal audience to activate them as heroes for your cause.

Your website is the most powerful online asset you have for engaging current and potential supporters online. It’s where people learn about your work and— hopefully— get involved. But if your content isn’t pulling them in, they might hit the back button in under 10 seconds, likely to never return. The truth is, most homepages are turning off more potential supporters than they’re engaging—as many as 90%!

Watch this session to learn how to create a storytelling-based, time-tested framework to engage more visitors on your homepage (and every important page on your site) and turn them into supporters. You’ll learn:

  • A time-tested blueprint for driving engagement and converting your website visitors into supporters
  • How to apply the Hollywood Storytelling formula to your most important pages
  • What to put on each section of your HeroPage to keep people’s attention and move them along the path toward your vision
  • How to use the HeroPage Storytelling rubric to quantify your current storytelling effectiveness and identify quick wins to engage more visitors

This is a must-see session for any nonprofit fundraiser who wants to make their homepage as inspiring as possible!

Meet the Speaker

Boris Kievsky is the Chief Storyteller and Nerd for Good at dotOrgStrategy, dedicated to helping nonprofits harness storytelling and technology to create more heroes for their cause and a better world for all of us. Having spent a decade in computer science and over 15 years in theater, TV, and film, he now loves to combine his passions for technology, storytelling, and making a positive difference in the world. Over the last 10+ years, Boris has helped hundreds of nonprofits increase their impact locally and globally through effective use of storytelling across digital media including websites, social media, email, video, advertising, and crowdfunding; as well as technology that can reach and help more people without over-stretching an organization’s resources.

In addition to consulting, Boris teaches Developing High-Impact Websites for Nonprofits at NYU and hosts The Nonprofit Hero Factory podcast (nphf.show). You can learn more about his work at dotOrgStrategy.com.

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