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Honest Fundraising: Showing Donors What’s Really Going On to Increase Trust and Funding

Perfect fundraising is honest and has unrestricted funds, the ability to invest in staff and infrastructure, and multi-year commitments. It also requires trust in the people and communities doing the work.

Fundraising is not perfect! We’re afraid if donors see anything but perfection that it might affect their giving. Since donors are part of making social good happen, they need to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly, and that they can give in a way which is even more meaningful.

Rickesh Lakhani discusses how to move towards more open and honest fundraising and stop curating the sometimes messy, often complex nature of social change!

In a highly interactive session, we’ll discuss:

  • Topics that you never thought you could discuss with donors, but should
  • Issues that are caused by keeping donors at arm’s length from the truth
  • Strategies to shift donors’ understanding of your work and their role in it
  • Specific phrases and framing to move donors towards trust and mission-based funding

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Meet the Speaker:

Rickesh Lakhani – Rickesh believes that we are all responsible for each other’s success. He has over 15 years of experience in the social good sector. Currently, he is the Executive Director at Future Possibilities for Kids, a charity supporting children in their middle years in the Greater Toronto Area in leading community-serving projects while building confidence, leadership and life skills. Prior to this, Rickesh was the Director, Campaign at United Way York Region, leading an $8M annual fundraising campaign. He is a work in progress. Tweet him @ConstantChanges or check out his highly amateur Tik Tok @charitydad.

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