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How Donors Give During a Crisis: Fundraising Lessons from 2020 and 2021

How do donors respond to a crisis? What motivates them to give during troubled times? And how can we use donors’ current giving patterns to improve our fundraising campaigns? Right now, people are highly motivated to give back to their communities—how can we inspire donors to support your cause?

Watch this session to find out! Woodrow Rosenbaum, Chief Data Officer at GivingTuesday, shares:

  • Fundraising trends and patterns from 2020
  • How donors have responded to 2021 so far
  • Why engaging donors is crucial, especially during times of crisis
  • Why creating giving moments is important
  • Why it’s important for nonprofits to give their donors agency

The end-of-year fundraising season is almost here, and this session is a must-see for any nonprofit fundraise who wants to engage their donors and inspire generosity both now and in the future.

Meet the Speaker

As Chief Data Officer for GivingTuesday, Woodrow Rosenbaum has been instrumental in shaping the GivingTuesday movement globally and has led groundbreaking research and analysis of individual giving behaviors. Woodrow’s experience in the for-purpose sector elevating giving behaviors has greatly impacted the way he approaches consumer strategies. He’s learned how to move markets from passive participants to active and vocal ambassadors—a lens he brings to all his strategic work.

Woodrow is also Founder and CEO of With Intent, an international consumer marketing agency. He has a long history of leading significant growth for top consumer brands by defining strategies, developing innovative business routes and expanding markets.

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