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How to Raise More This Year End with Qgiv’s Recurring Tools

The end-of-year fundraising push is weeks away, and you’re probably already thinking about how you’re going to get donors engaged this year.

Why not ask them to become a recurring donor instead of making a one-time gift?

It’s a great strategy, and Qgiv’s tools can make it easy! Join us to learn how to use Qgiv’s recurring donation tool to recruit sustaining donors this year-end season. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to enable the recurring donation options included in every Qgiv fundraising package
  • Why you should focus on recruiting sustaining donors this year
  • How to set up a Qgiv donation form that inspired donors to make a recurring gift
  • And more!

This high-level demo of Qgiv’s recurring donation options will give you tons of ideas for how to inspire and engage more recurring donors this year.

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