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Invest in Your Investors: Top Tips for Building a Major Gift Program

How do you get a donor to invest in a cause? You build relationships with them and get them personally connected to the work! With major gift fundraising, it’s even more essential to have your donors’ input. Even though we live in the digital age, human relationships are still vital! Major gift fundraising—including connecting your major donors to your cause—continues to be part art and science.

In this webinar, you’ll learn from industry leader, Paul D’Alessandro, who shares insights from his book, The Future of Fundraising: How Philanthropy’s Future is Here with Donors Dictating the Terms. Paul’s been fundraising for decades and has solicited more than 4,000 strategic gifts totaling around $1 billion!

Watch this video to learn:

  • What major donors want to see from nonprofit fundraisers.
  • How smaller nonprofits can leverage larger major gifts.
  • What to do to address donor obstacles and resistance.
  • What major gift success looks like.

If you want to take your major gifts program to the next level, don’t miss this webinar! It’s a great opportunity to learn from an industry leader with hands-on experience working with major donors.

Click here to download Paul’s slides!

Meet the Speaker

Paul D’Alessandro, J.D., CFRE, is the founder and chairman of High Impact Nonprofit Advisors (HNA), and also D’Alessandro, Inc. (DAI), which is a fundraising and strategic management consulting company with more than 30 years of experience in the philanthropic sector. He has worked with hundreds of nonprofits to raise over a billion dollars for his clients in the U.S. and abroad. As a nonprofit and business expert who is also a practicing attorney, Paul has worked with high-level global philanthropists to vet and negotiate their strategic gifts to charitable causes. Paul understands that today’s environment requires innovation and fresh thinking, which is why he recently launched HNA to train and coach leaders who want to make a difference in the world.

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