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Make Room for People of Color! Changing the Racial Composition and Culture of Your Board

The U.S. is becoming more racially diverse. Since 2010, 96% of all U.S. counties registered an increase in their percentage of residents who are people of color. Yet the people who lead nonprofits including board members in the U.S. remain disproportionately white. In fact, less than 15% of board members are Black and Brown.

As stewards of the public good, boards must act to alter and eliminate beliefs, practices, and policies that perpetuate structural and institutional racism and exclusion. This means being intentional about changing racial composition of its members and adapting cultures that alienate and exclude others from feeling welcomed.

In this session, boards will learn how to work to ground organizational values and recruitment practices so that they are inclusive. They will redefine their roles by accepting accountability for setting the tone with deliberate and strategic action to have an increased presence of people of color on boards.

Session participants will learn to:

  • Understand why board diversity matters
  • Accept how board demographics are changing
  • Empower leaders of color in nonprofits to move towards race equity on boards
  • Identify the characteristics of an inclusive-ready board
  • Apply a diversity and inclusiveness lens
  • Build A pipeline for diverse members
  • Locate sources to recruit diverse members
  • Properly onboard and include others in board culture
  • Conduct board meetings that foster inclusivity
  • Recognize the impact of diversity on fundraising
  • Embrace the value of collective networks in board inclusive culture

Download the slides here!

Meet the Speaker

Christal M. Cherry is President and Executive Consultant at The Board Pro, specializing in 90-minute fundraising, governance, and equity training for boards of directors. Visit her website at to learn more about Christal and Touch Plans and Board Clinics.

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