Meet Your Supporters Where They Are During COVID 19: Facebook Strategies to Engage and Fundraise

With all of your staff and supporters confined to their homes, you’re probably adapting the strategies you use to engage donors and raise money for your organization. Wouldn’t it be to sit down with an expert to get special insight into what you can try?

Now you can! This session is an opportunity to learn how Facebook’s tools can help you adapt. Kendra Sinclair, Facebook’s Nonprofit Strategic Partner Manager, shares:

  • How to use Workplace to align your staff and communicate changes
  • Fundraising tools you can use to raise money and empower your supporters
  • Best practices for live content creation (plus examples!)
  • Different ways to engage your community during difficult times

If you’re interested in using Facebook’s tools to help you adapt and raise money during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a fun, instructive session chock-full of examples and ideas. Check it out!

Meet the Speaker

Over the course of her nearly 10 years at Facebook, Kendra has sought teams and products that bring people real delight and value. Before she joined the Social Impact organization, Kendra managed a global team supporting media publishers with the adoption of new tools and products. Over the last four years, Kendra has taken this passion for empowering meaningful content to the world of Social Good at Facebook, where she partners with nonprofits to help them reach more people and raise more funds. 

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