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Prospect Management Setup & Tracking in Your Database

Few things are as important to successful fundraising teams than clean data around your prospect portfolio and moves management.  There’s so much to know! From coding prospects, donor portfolios, and the actions and steps relating to prospect management, and tracking key performance indicators for portfolio productivity. Are you unsure of how to best track and pull the information? Do you have data stored in “shadow databases” outside of your donor database like spreadsheets, calendars, or worse, in the heads of employees? Do your gift officers mistrust the donor data and portfolio data in your database?

Join us as we host Tricia Marsherall, from Marsherall Partners, LLC. We’ll discuss tips on organizing moves management and prospect tracking within your database, how to set up and maintain key coding, and common metrics to track and report on portfolio productivity.

You will discover:

  • Recommended best practices of what and how to store prospect management data in your database
  • How to record moves management, actions and steps related to prospect portfolio management
  • Tips to reduce data storage outside of your donor database
  • 3 processes to implement right away to support better prospect portfolio and moves management in your database

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Meet the Speaker:

Tricia Marsherall

Tricia Marsherall, MBA, is the Founder & President of Marsherall Partners, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in nonprofit donor database management & operations support, and virtual & traditional fundraising event data management. Her firm has worked with more than 100 nonprofits across more than 20 states, and she will share the lessons she’s learned along the way.

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