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Retention & Stewardship in Your Annual Fund

The annual fund is the cornerstone and key to success for any fundraising program. Often ignored or poorly executed, the annual fund has the potential to secure new donors, renew current donors, and maximize giving. An annual fund is an organized effort to secure charitable contributions on an annual basis to support general operations. Every fundraiser should understand the key aspects of an annual fund including donor retention and stewardship and how the annual fund can be a powerful tool to raise more money.

Join us as we host Diana Hoyt, from Formula for Fundraising. We’ll define and discuss the key components of your annual fund with an emphasis on the importance of stewardship and donor retention.

You will learn to:

  • Understand what an annual fund is
  • Recognize why an annual fund is important
  • Identify the key components of an annual fund
  • Appreciate the role of donor retention and stewardship
  • Implement an annual fund

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Meet the Speaker:

Diana Hoyt

A veteran fundraiser and entrepreneur, Diana Hoyt believes in the power of nonprofit organizations to raise more money, retain donors, and strengthen lives and communities. Her joy as a fundraising consultant is working with nonprofits to increase their fundraising capacity using simple analytics and donor-centered strategies. As a speaker and trainer, Diana provides webinars, workshops, and in-house development training. She is the author of Formula for Fundraising: Embrace Your Donors for Greater Success.

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