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Social Media 101: How to Create the Perfect Content Calendar

Are you overwhelmed trying to wear a dozen different hats at your organization while still finding time to regularly post engaging content on social media? This no-nonsense webinar will provide participants with a clear formula for creating content calendars that garner interest and ladder up to high level goals.

In this webinar, Erica Linguanti, Director of Marketing at Achieve, talks about why investing in social media and building a social media strategy based on your goals is so important for your nonprofit. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to identify content pillars and craft a social media content calendar that ladders up to their organizational goals.
  • Where to find FREE content (including stock photos, videos, and user generated content).
  • Why messaging should always come before design.

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Meet the Speaker:

Erica Linguanti, Director of Marketing at Achieve

Erica passionately believes that the emergence of social media has created an opportunity for organizations to innovate and engage with donors in entirely new ways. Erica leads the strategy and execution of all marketing initiatives at Achieve, with an emphasis on helping nonprofits tell their stories digitally. By combining the unique needs of nonprofits with experience from working closely with major “for profit” brands ‒ including Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Preferred, and IHG ‒ she has developed unique tactics to drive interest in causes (and convert that interest into action). Erica holds a BSBA in Marketing from the University of Central Florida.

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