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Storytelling for Impact: Helping Donors Understand the Value of Their Dollar

If you want donors to give more than once, you have to turn them into investors in—and not merely supporters of—your mission. Donors want to feel the impact of their gift. They want to see the concrete outcomes of their dollars. And they crave evidence that your organization is using their gift to make the world a better, fairer, safer, happier place.

Storytelling compels your donors to stay engaged—and to donate again. But how do you tell a story that cuts through the noise? How do you transform data into real, specific, human stories? In this lively, example-filled session, we’ll examine how best to find, tell, and share your organization’s stories.

Watch this session to find out! You’ll learn:

  • Why stories are the single most effective way to persuade donors
  • Tips for sharing your impact in humble (and grand!) ways
  • How to identify good stories across and around your organization
  • How to write stories that are actually read and remembered

Your stories are the most powerful fundraising tool at your disposal. Watch this session and learn to use them to inspire your donors!

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Meet the Speakers

To Jarrett Way, writing is cathartic—so it was no surprise when he ended up in journalism school at the University of North Texas. There, he managed and contributed to a handful of online publications while learning about strategic communication. By telling stories in his community, Jarrett found himself at the intersection of communications and advocacy. His post-graduation endeavors took him to Memphis, Tennessee, where he spent four years diving into the world of content marketing and digital strategy. Grind City could only keep a Texan away for so long before Jarrett moved to Austin to tell the story of Mighty Citizen.

Rachel Clemens builds things. First, she built a career as a designer. Then, she built Creative Suitcase – her own strategic communications firm. For 11 years, Creative Suitcase helped organizations like United Way, Texas Restaurant Association, and countless others increase revenue and awareness. In late 2016, Creative Suitcase merged with TradeMark Media, and together they became Mighty Citizen. As Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel spends her days promoting Mighty Citizen’s services and thought leadership. She is also a frequent speaker at local and national conferences.

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