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The 5 P’s That Make a Successful Event

In the busy world of fundraising, are special events really worth the time and effort? Your staff and board might think not, but when planned and executed properly, they can significantly boost your organization’s brand, build partnerships that last, and increase your financial capacity to fulfill your mission.  

Join us as we host Shellie Speer who will be sharing her “Five P’s Strategy” for profitable fundraising events.  

You’ll learn:

  • How to market your event to attract the right attendees 
  • Planning tips and tricks that reduce time but not impact 
  • Follow-up strategies to ensure your attendees stay engaged after the event is over 
  • Practical ways to evaluate event performance for future planning success 

Download the slides here!

Meet the Speakers:

Shellie Speer

Shellie currently leads as the Senior Vice President, BDI Academy, where she provides direction toward the expansion of services and capabilities that suit specific client needs. As a BDI ambassador for Rescue Mission clients, Shellie’s services include onsite deep-dive training sessions, new client onsite onboarding, organizational development audits, and consultations for best practices and strategic development planning. Shellie is an avid runner and hiker who loves to travel, but her greatest joy is spending time with her family and grandkids.

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