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Tools and Ideas for Spring Fundraisers

A new year means updated fundraising goals and renewed expectations to exceed them. Breathe new life into your fundraising strategies and unlock the full potential of your spring fundraisers and events with tools and ideas to help you turn your fundraising initiatives into memorable and impactful experiences. Watch this webinar as we dive into creative ideas and explore innovative tools that will elevate your spring campaigns and inspire a sense of community engagement like never before.

In this session, we’ll look at:

  • Ideas for virtual, in-person, and hybrid fundraisers and events
  • Tried-and-true tips to make your fundraisers and events fun and successful
  • Specific strategies for fundraising events, silent auctions, and peer-to-peer fundraisers
  • How to use Qgiv’s tools to engage donors and inspire them to give
  • Real-life examples of Qgiv clients

Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or a passionate fundraiser, join us on this journey as we explore cutting-edge technologies, time-tested techniques, and out-of-the-box concepts designed to make your spring campaigns truly blossom.

Download the slides here!

Meet the Speaker

Justin is the Director of Demand Generation at Qgiv, a leading fundraising platform for nonprofits. His hobbies include coaching youth sports, reading about history, and spending time with his 3 animals.

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