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How to Upgrade Donors and Boost Revenue with Donor Surveys

Donors give for their reasons, not yours. If you don’t know your target audience, your fundraising efforts are merely educated guesses.

Done right, donor surveys can help you unlock donor’s interests, make them feel connected to your cause, build the right appeals, grow your major gift pipeline, uncover planned gifts, and optimize your current donor portfolio. Done poorly, you could lose donors and end up with mountains of useless and misleading data.

If you are ready to discover how surveys can turn your fundraising strategy into a fine-tuned, sophisticated engine of revenue, join us for actionable and surprising insights into what your current and prospective donors do, think, and need. Learn the components of a great donor survey and how to sidestep the countless pitfalls that plague so many surveys.

About the Speakers

Rachel Muir has worked every side of the Rubik’s cube that is the nonprofit sector. When she was 26, Rachel launched Girlstart, a nonprofit empowering girls in math, science, engineering and technology in the living room of her apartment with $500 and a credit card. Several years later, she had raised over 10 million and was featured on Oprah, CNN, and the Today show. Her career spans running successful nonprofits, leading an online fundraising consulting practice and managing major gift portfolios. Today, she transforms people into confident, successful fundraisers. Learn more about Rachel at

Rachel Clemens builds things. First, she built a career as a designer – working for some of the most recognizable names in advertising, including stints in London and Australia. Then, she returned to Austin, Texas and built Creative Suitcase – her own strategic communications firm. Over the next 11 years, Creative Suitcase helped organizations like United Way, Habitat for Humanity, The University of Texas, and countless others, raise money and awareness to improve their communities. In late 2016, Creative Suitcase merged with TradeMark Media, and together they became Mighty Citizen. As the Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel splits her days between promoting Mighty Citizen’s digital and marketing services and working directly with nonprofit clients on their branding, marketing, and campaigns. She is also a frequent speaker at local and national conferences and events.

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