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Why Aren’t Donors Engaging with Your Emails?

Are your emails falling flat? Do they inspire your audience to act? From opens to clicks to conversions, there’s a delicate balance of art and science when it comes to crafting emails that move your recipient.

In this webinar, Jesse Park from amplifi shares tips and easy-to-implement best practices to help your emails rise above the noise and inspire action!

Key Takeaways:

  • The dos and don’ts of setting up an email
  • What the heck an A/B test is
  • How to craft a standout subject line
  • How to use your data to optimize delivery
  • Analytics beyond open and clicks
  • How to improve your results!

This is a must-see session for nonprofit marketing and development professionals who want to improve their email engagement.

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Meet the Speaker:

Jesse Park, President, amplifi– Jesse, at heart, is a marketer and strategist who cares about helping move organizations forward. Overseeing a talented team, Jesse has the pleasure of helping several leading nonprofit and educational institutions achieve success and advance their fundraising efforts each year. Under his leadership as President and Head of Strategy, amplifi has won numerous awards and accolades for their work with nonprofit clients. He stays young by chasing his 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats around their home in northwest NJ.

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