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Text donations caused a splash when they first appeared on the fundraising scene in 2005. They quickly became part of an ever-growing repertoire of fundraising tools available to nonprofits. So far, text donations have been used successfully by organizations like the Red Cross and celebrities like Alicia Keys to raise thousands of dollars for different causes.

We wanted to offer our clients a text-based donation option, too. We saw some problems with traditional text donations, though. Donors couldn’t contribute more than $10 at a time, nonprofits had to wait weeks or months to get their funds, and the service was expensive.

To address those issues, we’re working on a solution that will allow text donations of any amount and will get the funds dispersed in hours or days. We’re doing it by combining texting and our unique mobile forms to make text transactions quick and easy. There are just three steps:

  1. The donor texts a shortcode to a phone number;
  2. They receive a text containing a secure link to a simple form; and
  3. They fill in their information to finish the transaction.

Our new text-giving is going to be an easy way to give your supporters multiple donation options. Stay tuned for more details!

Check out our page dedicated to mobile giving for more info.

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