3 Benefits of Social Fundraising

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When you hear the word “social fundraising,” you might be inclined to roll your eyes. People often associate the phrase with appeals on X or Facebook statuses, but there’s more to social fundraising than trying to boil your mission down to 140 characters. Social fundraising platforms let your supporters build their own fundraising pages and raise money for your cause, and they’re very valuable for a few reasons.

1. You Can Let Your Fundraisers Do The Work

Empowering your supporters to raise money for you lets you increase your fundraising clout without spending extra time drumming up donations. When you give people access to a good platform, they’re able to participate in all parts of the fundraising process by themselves, from recruiting donors to social media posts. That means more potential donations with little or no extra work for you!

2. It Helps Build Emotional Connections

Building emotional connections with your supporters is important, and there’s definitely a financial benefit to doing so. People who volunteer for an organization generally donate more money than those who don’t volunteer for them at all. Now, imagine that your volunteers are also able to raise money for you as well. Giving them the ability to invest themselves in the fundraising process further develops emotional connections that can lead to long-term support.

3. Social Fundraising Broadens Your Reach

The beauty of social fundraising is that your supporters are able to reach groups of people you probably haven’t reached yet. They can reach out to their family, friends, Facebook buddies, and co-workers. Those groups of people may be unaware of your charity and your mission, and social fundraising is a great way to spread your story and broaden your base of supporters.

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