Bright Idea: Create Fundraisers Based on Major Events

Fundraising Events

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Who they are

Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center (RSBC) exists to guide children and adults with severe and multiple disabilities to achieve independence and reach their highest potential throughout their lives by providing enriching educational, therapeutic, and vocational services.

What they did

Located in Kentucky, RSBC shares a home state with the Kentucky Derby. With this knowledge they created a fundraising event that incorporates this major local sporting event, their annual Night at the Races event.

They took a Kentucky tradition that their supporters were excited about and used the buzz about it to create a popular and successful fundraising event.

Their Night at the Races fundraiser takes place on the Friday following the Kentucky Derby. Their event features betting on pre-recorded horse racing, dinner, raffles and a limited silent auction.

What you can do

Consider events that are popular in your area. If there’s a major cultural or sporting event that your supporters are invested in, build excitement for your nonprofit by creating themed fundraisers that correspond to these major events.

For instance, you could host fundraisers for any of these popular events:

  • The Oscars
  • The Grammys
  • The MLB All Star Game
  • The Superbowl
  • The NBA Finals
  • The Olympics

Whatever excites your supporters can make for a profitable themed fundraising event!

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