60+ Spring Fundraising Ideas for Every Nonprofit


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As we spring further into a new year, it’s time for your fundraising efforts to pick up speed! Spring fundraisers are a great way to bring your community together while gaining support for your cause. There’s a plethora of seasonal themes to base your fundraisers around that can help you entice your supporters’ giving spirit into full bloom. Here’s a list of spring fundraising ideas to help you celebrate the season with your supporters: 

Spring fundraising ideas - bake sale rice krispy treats

Spring fundraising ideas

1. Bake sale 

Bake sales are always a delightful way to raise funds for your organization. You can recruit volunteers from your community to bring in different homemade goods and sell them. The treats can even be themed around spring or seasonal holidays, like Easter or Mothers’ Day! Ask local bakeries to offer sweets to sell to further motivate donors to purchase a treat.  

2. Yard sale 

Spring is often associated with cleaning and decluttering your home, making it the perfect time of year to host a yard sale. It also provides your supporters with more than one way to support your cause by allowing them to donate items to sell or make purchases themselves. You can also put out a donation jar for donors who want to support your cause but don’t want to purchase an item.  

3. Scavenger hunt 

Scavenger hunts are fun family activities that can really excite your supporters! Your supporters can purchase a ticket to participate and spend a day going through fun clues around your community that focus on your mission. Offer prizes for winning participants to add a little competitive spirit to the event.  

4. Talent show 

Another family-friendly fundraising idea is to host a talent show. Your participants get the chance to showcase their unique skills–whether it’s singing, dancing, or any other talent they’d like to show off. Offer tickets for your community to come watch the event and bring in a judging panel to determine the prize winners. 

5. Fashion show 

Spring means Fashion Week, so why not host your own fashion show for your community? Work with local clothing boutiques and designers to create runway looks and sell tickets for your community to get a look at upcoming items. Or let your community’s youth put their own designs on the runway for all the aspiring fashionistas. You can also bid off the best looks to boost your funds from the event. 

6. Car wash 

Car washes are a classic fundraiser, and with the weather warming up, spring is a great time to host one. Schedule groups of volunteers at different times to wash cars for a fixed donation amount and make sure signage pointing to the car wash is clearly visible from the road.  

7. Raffle 

One of the best spring fundraising ideas is to host a raffle. Your donors can purchase raffle tickets for the chance to win cool prizes donated from local businesses. And the best part of hosting a raffle is that you can combine it with another fundraising event or campaign to raise more money for your cause. 

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8. Brochure fundraiser 

Brochure fundraisers are a great option for schools. Students can raise money by selling products from a selected catalog that they can hand out to potential buyers. This is a perfect fundraising idea for late April or early May because you can use catalogs that feature Mother’s Day presents to motivate people to make a purchase.  

9. March Madness bracket challenge 

March Madness is an exciting time for basketball lovers everywhere, and you can use that to your advantage for a March fundraising idea. Host a March Madness bracket challenge and allow your supporters to predict this season’s tournament winner for an entry fee. Partner with a local sports store to offer your winners a basketball-themed prize! 

10. Sport tournament 

Spring is a big season for quite a few sports, so embrace the athletic spirit and host a tournament featuring your community’s favorite sport. Participants can pay an entry fee for their team to compete for a grand prize. Make it a peer-to-peer fundraiser by allowing teams to have a secondary competition to see who can raise the most for your organization! 

11. Silent auction 

Silent auctions are another great option that can be combined with other events to further increase your fundraising. Allow your supporters to donate items to be auctioned off or partner with local businesses for themed auction items. Use silent auction software to seamlessly collect bids from your event attendees.   

12. Pub quiz 

Everyone loves a bit of trivia! Host a pub-style quiz for your community and include some questions about your mission as a fun way to share your organization’s impact. If you host the event at a restaurant or local pub, offer a gift certificate to the establishment as a prize for the trivia winners. 

13. Movie night 

Movie nights are another great spring fundraising idea. Charge admission and screen popular movies, or theme it around the Academy Awards by screening some of the 2024 nominees. You can sell popcorn, drinks, and other concessions as an additional income source for the event.  

14. 5K race 

5K races and other “athon” events are common fundraisers for a reason! Spring provides the perfect weather and some great scenery for a fun run event. Plus, your participants can do the fundraising for you by creating a peer-to-peer fundraising page to garner support from their friends and family.  

15. Golf tournament 

With the Masters Tournament in the first week of April, a community golf tournament is a great April fundraising idea for your nonprofit. Partner with a local golf course to provide your participants the chance to compete against each other in their very own Masters experience while raising money to support a great cause. 

16. Fitness challenge 

Help your supporters with their fitness goals by hosting a peer to peer fitness challenge! Allow your participants to register a fitness goal with your organization and gather support from their personal networks to motivate them. To add a little competition to the challenge, provide participants that hit major milestones with a badge on your campaign’s main donation page! 

people shopping at a plant sale for spring fundraising ideas

17. Plant sale 

Spring is heavily associated with nature and plants which is why a plant sale is a good spring fundraising idea. Partner with local plant nurseries and gardeners to provide a variety of plant options for your donors to purchase to support your mission. Include flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and house plants to guarantee something for all plant lovers! 

18. Trash cleanup 

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to homes! Host a trash cleanup to help out your community and encourage volunteers to engage with your organization. Pick a beach, park, or other public space and set up a donation table for community members to give to help your cause. You can also talk to local businesses to help cover the cost of any cleaning supplies you may need.  

19. Tree planting 

Earth Day is in April, and you can launch a tree planting campaign to celebrate with your community. Offer saplings that are indigenous to your area for your supporters to purchase for planting. You can work with your local nurseries and local parks to provide a place for the trees to be planted. 

20. Flower sale 

April showers bring May flowers! And you can help bring those flowers by hosting a flower sale featuring a variety of bouquets and arrangements. Partner with local florists or gardeners to provide a diverse selection of flowers and decorative plants for your donors to choose from.  

21. Flower delivery 

You can also offer flower deliveries, either as part of your flower sale or as a separate spring fundraising campaign. Work with local florists to offer deliveries of flowers for Mothers’ Day and other special spring occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries. You can include a card with a link to your donation page with all of your deliveries. 

22. Spring Fling dance 

A fun spring fundraising idea that can help you get younger generations involved is to host a Spring Fling dance. Your community can purchase tickets to dance the night away surrounded by flowers. To advertise your event, you can partner with local radio stations to motivate everyone with some sweet tunes. 

23. Spring cleaning 

While some of your supporters may do their spring cleaning and donate unneeded items to your organization, you can also offer help to your donors who need some extra hands when decluttering their spaces. Have volunteers sign up to donate a couple of hours of their time to help donors who make a fixed donation to your organization with their spring cleaning. 

24. Community picnic 

A great way to bring your community together this spring is to host a community picnic. You can also raise funds simultaneously by offering tickets to different activities and concessions. Encourage your supporters to take a day to spend with their families outside and meet some of their fellow community members.  

25. Mother’s Day cards 

Handmade cards are always a win for Mother’s Day, and you can create a campaign to sell creative and personalized cards while also helping out a great cause in the recipient’s name. Work with local schools and community centers to get some help making all the cards you need and send them out to your donors! 

26. Spring decorating competition 

Since many people like to decorate their homes for holidays and seasons, why not host a little competition? Organize a spring decorating competition where your participants can showcase their creative home decor. Your supporters can pay an entrance fee for the chance to show off their decorating skills and even win a prize for their hard work. 

calendar and calculator for tax tips for spring fundraising ideas

27. Tax tips event 

Taxes are stressful! But you can host a tax tips event featuring local financial experts to provide valuable tax advice to your donors. Sell tickets to your tax tips event to raise money for your cause while helping your community stay educated on important financial strategies. 

28. Influential women’s panel for International Women’s Day 

Celebrate International Women’s Day by organizing a panel discussion featuring influential women from your community that other women can purchase tickets to attend. This spring fundraising idea provides a great chance to empower the women in your community and help them network with other women. Ask local women-owned businesses to help sponsor the event and offer a place on the panel for them to talk about running their businesses. 

29. Reading challenge 

Issue a community-wide reading challenge this spring to encourage literacy in your community. Participants can collect pledges based on the number of books they read for the duration of the campaign to raise money for your cause. Encourage participants to take advantage of your local public library and get reading! 

30. Spa night 

Another great Mother’s Day fundraising idea is to host a spa night for your local mothers. Offer spa night tickets as a Mother’s Day gift to your community where moms get a chance to unwind with massages, facials, and other spa treatments. Partner with local spas or wellness centers to sponsor the event for a luxurious experience. 

31. Irish potluck for St. Patrick’s 

A great March fundraising idea is to host an Irish potluck for St. Patrick’s Day. Your supporters can volunteer to bring in traditional Irish dishes, and your community can purchase tickets to enjoy the food. Put on some Irish music and work with a local dance company to show off some Irish Riverdance for a more festive celebration. 

32. Spring bingo 

Bingo can be a really fun fundraising event with exciting prizes to motivate your supporters to purchase their bingo cards. Organize a spring bingo event with themed prizes and colorful decorations. Promote your grand prizes on social media to attract a larger audience and create buzz around your event. 

33. DIY graduation fundraisers 

DIY fundraisers provide your supporters with flexible ways to fundraise for your mission by hosting their own fundraising events, and graduation season in May is a great time to let your supporters raise money on your behalf. Graduating students can create donation pages for their celebrations and ask people to donate to your cause as a graduation gift.  

34. Gardening classes 

Another great nature-themed spring fundraising idea is to offer gardening classes. Local gardening experts can have the chance to demonstrate their green thumb and teach others in workshops that cover topics such as organic gardening, composting, or urban gardening. Participants can buy tickets to the classes that cover topics that most interest them. 

35. Pool party 

As the weather gets warmer, you can beat the heat with a pool party. Work with a local pool facility or use a bunch of blow-up pools and splash slides to provide some family fun to the community. Play some upbeat music and offer food and drink concessions to make it the event of the spring! 

36. Petting zoo 

Spring is often connected with baby animals, especially kittens, bunnies, and lambs. To celebrate all the new life brought into the world, host a petting zoo for families and animal lovers to enjoy. You can also set up an adoption table for household pets to find new homes!       

37. Dog walking 

A great way to get your community out of the house to enjoy the spring weather is to host a dog walking event. Your participants can raise funds through donations for each mile walked with their furry companions or accept donations to walk a friend’s dog for them. This spring fundraising idea benefits both your cause and the dogs getting some extra attention. 

38. Field day 

Field days are filled with classic outdoor games and activities that are fun for participants of all ages. Your community can register as family teams to participate in your organization’s field day fundraiser and collect donations from friends and relatives in other states. Incorporate nostalgic games, such as sack races, tug-of-war, and three-legged races, to add a competitive element.  

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39. Spring brunch 

Host a spring-themed brunch as a spring fundraiser, combining delicious food with a nice community gathering. Sell tickets for the brunch and include options for additional donations during the event. Partner with local restaurants or catering services for a wonderful dining experience for your attendees. 

40. BBQ potluck 

Break out the grills this spring with a BBQ potluck! Your attendees can buy tickets to bring their favorite dishes to share and sample other supporters’ cooking skills. This is a great May fundraising idea that you can host over Memorial Day weekend. You can even host a friendly BBQ competition for a small entry fee to see who’s the community grill master.  

41. Fantasy baseball fundraiser 

With baseball kicking off in April, organize a fantasy baseball league your donors can enter. Participants can create their dream teams and compete throughout the six-month season. Partner with a local baseball team to offer memorabilia or even tickets to the league winner! 

42. Easter egg hunt fundraiser 

Easter is often a big celebration during the spring. Host an Easter egg hunt in a local park or church for the kids of the community to collect. You can have parents sign up their kids as participants, and you can raise funds through ticket sales and through selling refreshments or merchandise. 

43. Passover celebration fundraiser 

Passover is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the Israelites’ escape from slavery and departure from ancient Egypt. If you’re part of a Jewish organization or are fundraising for your temple, arrange a Seder night with traditional food, music, and activities for your community to celebrate the holiday together. There’s even special Kosher pet food that doesn’t use chametz you can include for your supporters’ pets to join in. 

44. Holi festival fundraiser 

Holi is the Hindu Festival of Colors, Love, and Spring the celebrates th love of the deities Radha and Krishna and thew victiry of Vishnu as Narasimha over Hiranyakashipu. If you serve a Hindu community, Holi is a perfect celebration to bring your community together during this spring. Host a Holi festival with music, dance, and colored powders to cover everyone in. Or host a color fun run in honor of the festival to spread the joy around the community.  

45. Eid al-Fitr feast fundraiser 

When Ramadan, a month long fast to commemorate Muhammad’s first revelation, ends and it’s time to break the fast, consider organizing a community Eid al-Fitr feast with traditional dishes and cultural performances. Eid al-Fitr is a three-day celebration to mark the end of Ramadan, observe the first day of Shawwal in the Islamic calendar, and remember Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina. If you organization serves a Muslim community, you can invite families to join together to celebrate after the month-long fasting period. You can also include activities for the children of the community. 

46. Nowruz poetry contest 

Nowruz, also known as the Persian New Year, is another opportunity to celebrate with your community if you serve a Persian community. One way to celebrate Nowruz is with poetry, so your organization can host a poetry contest with an entry fee for your community to stretch their creativity together. Include a panel of local writers or literature experts to judge for the grand prize.  

47. Pie sale for Pi Day 

A wonderful March fundraising idea is to organize a pie sale on Pi Day (March 14). Ask volunteers or local bakeries to make a variety of pies to be sold on March 14 to celebrate some mathematical fun. You can also use pies to help teach kids in your community more about math for the day! 

48. Opposite day 

Host an opposite day for a fundraiser this spring. This fundraising idea works especially well for school fundraisers for teachers, and students can have a day full of amusing questions and answers. Students and teachers can pay for a ticket to join in on the fun of an opposite day, and you can encourage participation with activities played in an opposite way, such as purposely trying to miss the hoop in a basketball competition.  

49. Dress-up day 

Another great spring fundraising idea for schools is to organize a dress-up day where students and teachers can dress for a theme. Students can purchase a ticket to participate, and you can even make it a competition to see who creates the most on-theme outfits or who gets the most creative with the theme. You can host the dress-up day as part of a whole spring spirit week to keep the fun going.   

50. Gift basket fundraiser 

With all the celebrations going on throughout the season, you can host a gift basket fundraiser using donations from local businesses for any donors looking for a nice present that supports a great cause. Create a variety of gift basket options to appeal to a diverse group of donors and raise more money.  

someone grilling hot dogs and hamburgers at a cook off for spring fundraising ideas

51. Cook-off 

Host a cook-off for your supporters to flex their culinary skills. Allow participants to register their dish for a small entry fee and ask local chefs or food enthusiasts to judge the dishes. Or let your attendees judge the food to find the fan favorite. Offer food-themed prizes, such as a restaurant gift certificate, for the winning dishes.  

52. Mud run 

With all the plants and rain, spring can be a pretty muddy season. Hold a mud run to attract fitness enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The event can include various challenges in the mud, as well as an actual run challenge to create an engaging and memorable experience. In addition to raising funds through participant ticket sales, you can also sell spectator tickets for people to support their favorite participant.  

 53. Obstacle course 

If you’re not fond of the mud, you can also organize an obstacle course with inflatable obstacles to experience the fun without the mud. Offer different difficulty levels to appeal to participants of all ages to sign up. Consider hosting the course at a local fair or festival to maximize attendance and engagement. 

54. Lawn mowing fundraiser 

As the weather warms up, lawns also start to gain some height. Offer lawn mowing services for a donation on a scheduled day where volunteers go to clean up your donors’ lawns. Advertise your lawn mowing services to your community through social media to attract potential donors.  

 55. Flower crown sale 

With so many flowers blooming, it’s the perfect time to organize a flower crown-making sale. Offer pre-made flower crowns at a local event, farmers’ market, or school to appeal to younger donors. Partner with florists or local flower farms for help collecting flowers and making the crowns. 

 56. Cinco de Mayo celebration 

A fun and educational May fundraising idea is hosting a Cinco de Mayo celebration. You can provide a traditional Mexican feast and entertainment while educating your community on the history of Cinco de Mayo. Work with local Mexican businesses to provide an exciting experience to your supporters. 

 57. Star Wars themed party 

May the force (forth) be with you! Consider hosting an epic Star Wars themed party this spring. Offer Star Wars-inspired food and drinks and hold a friendly costume contest for a little competition. Or include Star Wars trivia games and a lightsaber duel tournament. You can even auction off Star Wars merchandise as another way to raise funds at the event. 

 58. April Fools singagram 

While April Fools pranks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, you can use them as a fun fundraising event by offering April Fools singagrams. Recruit talented singers to deliver surprise singing telegrams featuring silly lyrics or parodies of the recipient’s favorites. This spring fundraising idea is great for schools looking to provide some comedic relief before exams start! 

 59. Volunteer-a-thon for volunteer week 

National Volunteer Week is the perfect time for an April fundraiser that focuses on volunteering. Host a volunteer-a-thon that encourages your supporters to dedicate their time to community service while also raising money for your mission through pledges made for each hour spent volunteering. 

a father and son flying kites for spring fundraising ideas

 60. Cherry blossom kite making 

Spring is also cherry blossom season, and to celebrate the pink blooms, consider hosting a themed kite making event. Families can sign up to make kites together and fly them with the rest of the community for a beautiful spring day. Your organization can help out with the kite making by offering a workshop to get participants started. 

 61. Tea party 

The last spring fundraising idea for this list is to host a fancy tea party. Who doesn’t like the idea of some tasty tea and fun, finger food? This fundraising is perfect for providing young kids with an experience they won’t forget. Bring your community together for an event many have never experienced before! 

Final thoughts 

With the cold of winter blowing past, embrace the blossoming spring with a fun seasonal fundraiser. You can bring your community together with a unique themed event to get them excited about supporting your cause throughout the year. Use these spring fundraising ideas to renew your fundraising efforts and foster your community’s spirit. 

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