Event Management Software for Nonprofits: Top Tools for 2024

Fundraising Events

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When you start planning your fundraising events, you want to make registration and management as easy as possible for both you and your donors. With the right event management software for nonprofits, you can run your fundraising events more efficiently, helping you raise more money for your cause. With simple registration pages, your supporters can easily buy tickets to your next event. And with the right event management tools, organizing your guests and tracking your fundraising progress can be done all in one place!  

There are quite a few different nonprofit event management software options your organization can use to make your event as seamless as possible.  

  • End-to-end event management platforms provide comprehensive solutions covering all aspects of event planning and execution. 
  • Auction event software offers dedicated tools for managing and conducting auctions, both traditional and online. 
  • Peer-to-peer event tools allow participants to create their own event pages to raise funds for the event. 
  • Donor management systems offer communication solutions and help track and monitor donor data. 
  • Conference apps help organize virtual conference events, offering features like schedule management and attendee networking. 
  • Text fundraising tools add another fundraising option through text messages, making donating more accessible. 
  • Virtual venue management solutions help manage virtual event venues and other arrangements. 
  • Various other specialized tools cater to specific needs, such as event entertainment, event paperwork, and specialized events. 

Features to look for 

When you’re looking for fundraising event software, there are a few key features you should keep an eye out for that help you streamline your event. One of the most important features to look for is an easy-to-use registration process for event participants. Your supporters are more likely to purchase tickets to your event if the registration process is simple. You should also look for customizable branding to ensure your donors recognize your organization’s event page.  

Fundraising tools are another key feature for nonprofit event management software to integrate your secure donation collection tools into your event page. Other important features to consider are communication tools and mobile accessibility tools. These tools help you reach your supporters no matter where they are. Keeping your event attendees updated on your event also helps keep them excited for the big day! 

Check out these fundraising event software options to find the best tools for your organization: 

Qgiv logo - best event management software for nonprofits

Qgiv | Best event management software for nonprofits 

example of Qgiv events registration page for 2023 annual dance hall gala with $50 tickets

Qgiv’s end-to-end event management platform is designed to help nonprofits raise more money. Qgiv event management tools offer a range of features to seamlessly plan and execute events for various purposes. Customize your event pages, simplify the registration process, and manage your guests all in one place!  

Qgiv Events is a versatile online platform that streamlines event management and fundraising efforts. With a user-friendly interface and robust functionality, it caters to diverse event needs.  

Qgiv’s event management software offers key features, including: 

  • Mobile-friendly event registration pages  
  • Custom registration fields for attendee data 
  • Flexible ticketing with multi-attendee packages 
  • On-site guest management with drag-and-drop table seating 
  • Fundraising thermometers for donation tracking 
  • Email and social sharing options 
  • Personalized receipts with thank-you messages 
  • Data dashboard with key event performance details 

Qgiv provides a one-stop solution for your nonprofit to efficiently plan your event and collect donations. 

What we love about Qgiv 

With Qgiv’s event management software, you have all you need to manage your next event, as well as an entire fundraising platform to utilize. Customize your event and donation pages on one platform to create a uniform look and experience for your donors. Qgiv will help you seamlessly integrate your events into your fundraising efforts.   


Qgiv’s pricing plans start at $0 plus transaction fees for smaller nonprofits with addons for peer-to-peer fundraising, text fundraising, and auction software. 


bloomerang logo

Bloomerang | Best software for volunteer management  

Bloomerang provides comprehensive volunteer management software, enabling you to simplify the process of recruiting and communicating with your event volunteers. The array of features provided by Bloomerang’s volunteer management include email tools, recruitment workflows, seamless integrations, engagement meters, scheduling tools, and intelligent reporting. You can even track volunteer hours with Blooomerang’s two-way profile sync. 

What we love about Bloomerang 

Bloomerang’s volunteer dashboards offer a quick way for your event volunteers to fill out online applications and sign up for the opportunities that suit them. You can also personbalize your volunteer outreach with email and app-based tools to thank your volunteers for their help with your event, 


Bloomerang offers plans starting at $119 per month, with costs based on your organization’s volunteer count.  

fun team events logo

Fun Team Events | Best software for entertainment activities  

Fun Team Events blends entertainment and philanthropy by offering a distinctive and enjoyable avenue for your donors to support your cause. The platform provides a range of customizable virtual activities, including trivia nights, game shows, and interactive challenges to foster team spirit and stimulate active event participation. This software leverages technology to help you build a connection with your virtual event attendees and create an immersive event experience. 

What we love about Fun Team Events  

Fun Team Events helps build communities by strengthening relationships through interactive virtual activities. Its user-friendly interface empowers your team to set up and manage games that encourage participation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Gamify your online fundraising event with this software.  


Reach out to Fun Team Events for pricing details.  

CharityMiles logo

Charity Miles | Best app for virtual walkathons  

Charity Miles is a fitness app that encourages users to turn their physical activities into charitable contributions. The platform operates by having users select a charity from a list and then engage in activities like walking, running, or biking which earns money for their chosen cause based on the distance covered. Participants can seamlessly track their activities through the app, which calculates and converts their efforts into charitable donations from corporate sponsors. This app is great for virtual walkathons, as participants can share their step counts with their friends for donations.  

What we love about the Charity Miles app 

Charity Miles provides a unique way for people to make a positive impact while pursuing their fitness goals. The app fosters a sense of community engagement and wellness, connecting users globally in a shared mission to support charitable organizations through their everyday activities.  


Contact Charity Miles to learn more about getting started. 

mailchimp logo

Mailchimp | Best software for multichannel marketing  

Mailchimp is a marketing platform designed to assist you in establishing your nonprofit’s brand and connecting with your supporters. This versatile software helps you consolidate donor data, centralize assets, enable the creation of integrated campaigns across various channels, and provides analytics on donor engagement. This allows you to refine your marketing strategies for your fundraising event, targeting supporters who are most likely to express interest in attending your event and ensuring they receive the necessary information. 

What we love about Mailchimp 

Mailchimp excels in collecting donor data and transforming insights into actionable strategies. The software allows you to understand your audience’s preferences, which helps foster meaningful conversations, all within a unified platform. With Mailchimp, you can promote your fundraising event through email, social media, landing pages, postcards, and more. Mailchimp’s behavior-based automations also help increase conversion rates and deepen user engagement. 


Mailchimp offers multiple monthly plans based on specific features and contact quantities, including a free beginner plan. 

constant contact logo

Constant Contact | Best software for email marketing  

Constant Contact is an email marketing software featuring over 100 mobile-optimized and customizable email templates, empowering you to enhance your next event’s visibility and distinguish yourself in a crowded digital landscape. The key features of Constant Contact’s event management software include email marketing, marketing automation, eCommerce integration, Google ads, and Meta ads. Elevate your nonprofit’s email presence and cut through the junk mail with the help of this versatile marketing software. 

What we love about Constant Contact 

Constant Contact provides a large selection of well-crafted email templates tailored for nonprofit use. Each template is easy to edit and customize, offering flexibility for diverse content needs. These templates are also mobile responsive to allow you to reach your event attendees from anywhere! 


Constant Contact offers plans starting at $12 per month. 

buffer logo

Buffer | Best software for social media management  

Buffer is an integrated social media management system which helps you streamline the process of drafting posts, team collaboration, and strategic planning for your social media marketing campaigns, all within a unified platform. Utilize this software solution to enhance the promotion of your fundraising event by effortlessly scheduling content, managing access to various social accounts, and cultivating your nonprofit’s social media presence. With Buffer, you can drive traffic to your event registration through strategic social media campaigns. 

What we love about Buffer  

This platform is highly collaborative, allowing your marketing team to collectively refine your event marketing plans before posting. This approach ensures your posts meet the highest quality standards and align with your mission before being published on a pre-set schedule.  


Buffer offers plans starting from a free plan and scaling up to $120 per month. 

smartwaiver logo

Smartwaiver | Best software for event waivers  

Smartwaiver is a solution for digital waiver management, revolutionizing the traditional waiver and release process for fundraising events. This software offers a user-friendly interface for creating customizable digital waivers that allow participants to conveniently sign waivers electronically before your event starts. Smartwaiver’s key features include conditional logic for personalized waivers, photo capture for enhanced identification, and reporting tools for efficient data management.  

What we love about Smartwaiver 

With an offline mode, Smartwaiver provides flexibility in collecting waivers, even if you don’t have an internet connection on-site of your event. Adopting Smartwaiver offers an efficient and secure digital waiver solution that streamlines administrative processes and provides a comprehensive approach to waiver management. 


Smartwaiver’s pricing plans start at $19 per month. 

oncehub logo

OnceHub | Best software for event scheduling 

OnceHub is a scheduling and appointment booking software designed to simplify the process of coordinating meetings and appointments while planning your fundraising event. This platform offers a suite of tools to make scheduling more efficient, including personalized appointment pages, group scheduling, and automated reminders. OnceHub can integrate with different calendars and communication tools to help you synchronize and update scheduling across your platforms. Your organization can customize appointment booking workflows to suit your needs while planning your event.  

What we love about OnceHub 

OnceHub’s comprehensive analytics provide insights into your scheduling metrics. This software offers versatility in scheduling, making it a great solution for optimizing your scheduling process no matter the size of the fundraising event you’re hosting. 


OnceHub’s pricing plans start with a free beginner plan to get started. 

allseated logo


Allseated | Best software for venue organization  

Allseated is an event planning and coordination platform to help you manage and organize your fundraising events. Allseated enables collaboration among your event planning team, your event venue, and any vendors you have for the day. This software provides a suite of tools including 3D event rendering, floorplan design, guest list management, and virtual reality (VR) experiences. These tools help your nonprofit streamline your event planning process by allowing your team to create accurate floor plans, arrange seating, and visualize event spaces online. 

What we love about Allseated 

Allseated helps your team effectively coordinate with each other throughout your event planning process. No matter the type of fundraising event you host, this platform’s tools can help you efficiently create memorable and well-coordinated experiences for your supporters. 


Contact Allseated to learn about pricing. 

zoom logo


Zoom | Best software for video conferencing  

Zoom is a popular video conferencing and communication platform that can be used for both your event planning and for your fundraising event itself. With its widespread accessibility, Zoom offers you the ability to connect remotely with your team and your donors! The platform provides high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, and interactive features to foster effective communication and collaboration. Zoom can even accommodate large audiences and offers breakout rooms for focused activities during your fundraising event. 

What we love about Zoom 

Zoom’s security features ensure protected and private meetings while also providing the option to record your Zoom sessions if you want to revisit an event planning meeting or share parts of your virtual event. This software has become a go-to solution for connecting people globally and bridging distances through reliable virtual communication, making it perfect for your online fundraising events. 


Zoom’s pricing plans start with their free basic plan, but the platform offers other plans for additional features. 

eventmobi logo


EventMobi | Best software for large events  

EventMobi is an event management software that provides solutions for creating interactive experiences for different types of large events. Some of the tools this platform offers includes customizable event apps, registration and ticketing, live polling, surveys, and analytics. This software supports in-person, virtual, and hybrid event formats and provides analytics tools to gather insights into attendee behavior and preferences. 


EventMobi pricing starts at $2,500 per event. 

eventbrite logo

Eventbrite | Best software for event discovery  

Eventbrite is an online event management software that provides tools to create, promote, and sell tickets for events of all types and sizes. This software features event pages, customized registration forms, and ticketing management. Eventbrite’s promotional tools include social media integration, email campaigns, and Eventbrite ads to reach wider audiences. This platform also provides insights into attendee demographics and event performance. 


Eventbrite placing plans start with a free plan for small events. 

doubleknot logo

Doubleknot | Best software for educational events  

Doubleknot is an event registration software that provides easy registration and admission solutions for educational events. This platform offers ticketing, reservations, event management, membership management, and fundraising tools. Doubleknot’s platform focuses on zoos, aquariums, museums, nature centers, and other education event options. By centralizing various functions, this software provides the tools to manage event operations and enhance attendees’ experiences. 


Contact Doubleknot for pricing details. 

Getting started with Qgiv   

To begin planning your next event with Qgiv’s event management tools, use these key steps to get started:  

  1. Set up your event. Create a new event on Qgiv and customize your event details.  Include your event’s name, date, and description. Choose your custom fields for the registration process to collect any relevant information for your attendees.  
  1. Utilize fundraising tools. Explore and utilize Qgiv’s fundraising tools to maximize donations by setting your fundraising goals, creating donation tiers, and utilizing your communication tools to engage with your attendees.  
  1. Test and launch your event page. Before making your event live, use Qgiv’s preview features to ensure everything looks and functions as intended. Once you’re satisfied with your event page, you can launch your event and your donors can start registering.  
  1. Advertise your event. Leading up to your event, take advantage of social media and email campaigns to advertise your event to your supporters. They can’t register for your event if they don’t know about it! 
  1. Monitor and analyze your event performance. Use Qgiv’s tracking and reporting tools to monitor the performance of your event. Analyze donation metrics, participant engagement, and other registration data. 
  1. Thank your donors. Once your event is over, send out your acknowledgments to your event attendees to thank them for their participation in your fundraising event. Showing your gratitude is one of the key ways to retain your donors in the future. 

Final thoughts   

Event management software for nonprofits plays a crucial part in enhancing your event experience for both you and your supporters. Events help you build connections with your donors that encourage them to give over and over again. With the right fundraising event software, your organization can host an event your attendees will talk about for years to come!  

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