Bright Idea: Make it Easy for Supporters to Learn About Your Mission and Campaigns

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Who they are:

Nemours Children’s Health leads important pediatric research and clinical trials. They work to prevent and reverse the course of childhood diseases, improve health care delivery, and keep children safe and healthy. Nemours invests in programs and services that benefit the health and lives of children and understands that there are also social, economic, behavioral, and environmental factors that can influence a child’s physical health.  

What they did:

Nemours Children’s Health got creative with Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform.

Nemours Children’s Health decided to use Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform in a unique way. They were looking to create a one-stop shopping page for supporters that would make it easy for them to donate and learn more about their organization’s mission.  Their page links to various donation forms that support a specific location or program and can be easily accessed from their main webpage–page visitors don’t have to search for very long to find out how to make a donation. 

They included an impact statement at the top of their page to reiterate how donors’ gifts will help and paired this with an eye-catching image to put a face to the mission. Also worth noting, the color scheme matches their current branding, which helps let donors know they’re in the right place to give to Nemours Children’s Health. 

Nemours Children’s Health included a page tab to make it easy for patients’ families to share their stories.

They took it a step further and customized their page tabs to link out to important information, such as educating donors on additional ways to give and promoting upcoming community events. They also made it easy for the families of patients to connect and share about their experience with Nemours Children’s Health.

What you can do:

If your nonprofit has multiple forms you’re hoping to link to in addition to including different information, you can accomplish this by using a peer-to-peer site like Nemours Children’s Health did, or you could look into utilizing Qgiv’s FundHub platform. FundHubs are great for showcasing a combined total of donations that were raised from different events. For example, let’s say you had an auction event and a peer-to-peer event that were raising funds for the same new facility fund. You could include page tabs like Nemours did but also include a thermometer widget on your FundHub page that will aggregate the totals from your peer-to-peer and auction sites into one goal that makes it easy for supporters to see your combined progress from both events. 

Nemours decided to use Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform in a creative way that they felt was best for their organization since they weren’t showing a combined total from multiple events. Instead, they used it for more of a navigation tool to help donors get to the right donation form depending on the event or location they wanted to support.  

Since no coding experience is required to customize Qgiv’s platforms, you can save your web team some time (or save some money on outsourcing this!) when it comes to editing upcoming event information and anything else that may need frequent updating. Make the most of your additional page tabs!   

Nemours Children’s Health included a page tab to educate donors on various ways to give.

Another takeaway from Nemours is that storytelling is a great way to reiterate your mission’s impact, so making it easy to submit those stories is a nice touch. Think about if there’s a nonfinancial ask that makes sense to showcase on your peer-to-peer site or FundHub page, such as volunteer opportunities or asks to get in touch to share about their experiences with your organization, especially if they were mission affected. 

If you’re a Qgiv client and you’re not sure what platform you should use for an idea you have, reach out to our Customer Experience Team by giving us a call at 888.855.9595.

Not a Qgiv client or curious about adding the peer-to-peer platform or a FundHub page? Request a demo today or give us a call at the same number above!   

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