Bright Idea: Partner with Local Businesses for Fundraising Initiatives


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Who they are:

The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas unites their community to create opportunity and access for all North Texans to thrive, challenging the systemic barriers associated with race. Together with committed change-seekers, they are mobilizing a movement for lasting change to ensure all those in their service area have access to education, income, and health—the building blocks of opportunity. 

What they did:

The United Way of Dallas partnered with Bank of Texas to offer jeans days to employees who donated to the United Way in October. They set up a simple online donation form within Qgiv that used a banner that looked like denim to draw the eye to the purpose of the form. 

The form was directed to employees at the Bank of Texas, who could earn jeans days based on how much they donated to the United Way of Dallas. For as little as $20, employees of the Bank of Texas could earn stickers that entitled them to wear jeans on four casual jeans days during the campaign. Employees could earn a maximum of eight days of wearing jeans by donating to the United Way of Dallas.  

This simple fundraising campaign was effective because it offered a break from routine and gave employees of the Bank of Texas the ability to dress more casually during the campaign—all while supporting a great cause. 

What you can do:

Find local businesses to partner with for a fundraising campaign. You can offer something as simple as casual jeans days or even create a bit of competition by encouraging different departments to try to out-fundraise one another for a pizza party or some other type of prize.  

A great motivational tool for campaigns like this is the incentive. Find a way to incentivize participation in the giving initiative so that more employees step up to make a difference. 

To learn more about how Qgiv can help you create great fundraisers like the Bank of Texas Jeans Day for United Way campaign, request a demo or give us a call at 888.855.9595. 

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