How to Convince Board Members You Need Fundraising Software

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Is your nonprofit struggling to keep up with processing check and cash donations? Are you spending a ton of time putting donor data into your CRM? Do you just need the ability to accept donations online? If you’re struggling with any of these issues it’s clear that you need online fundraising software. But how can you convince your board you need fundraising software? Read on to learn how to state your case and get the resources you need to succeed. 

What is fundraising software?

Fundraising software comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. But to simplify, fundraising software equips you with the tools you need to raise funds online. They can be online donation forms, which capture donations, or event registration pages, which can be used to organize fundraising events. Other forms include peer-to-peer fundraising forms, which empower your supporters to fundraise on your behalf, and auction event forms, which enables bidding on items to support your nonprofit’s cause. 

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How to pitch fundraising software

Now that you know more about fundraising software, it’s time to convince your board you need fundraising software. 

Conduct your research

The first thing you should do before trying to convince your board is conduct research into the fundraising software options available to you. You should know which essential features and integrations you need ahead of time and which software can fulfill those needs. 

Next, research the costs associated with the fundraising software that you’re looking into. Note any monthly fees and any processing fees that apply to each transaction. 

Don’t stop at just researching the costs. It also helps to know how much you’ll save by adding fundraising software to your fundraising toolset. Figure out how much time you spend manually processing credit cards. Chances are, your nonprofit organization is spending time and money it could save by implementing fundraising software.  

Make your case for why online donations are important

Here are some helpful statistics to keep in mind when making your case: 

  • Online donations made up 14.1% of all donations received by nonprofits earning less than one million dollars per year 
  • Online giving grew 21% in 2020 
  • 47% of donors over the age of 60 give online 
  • Donations made on a branded donation form are, on average, 38% larger than contributions made through a generic PayPal page 
  • Supporters are nearly 70% more likely to give a second donation if they used a branded page the first time they made a contribution 
  • For every 1,000 website visitors, a nonprofit raises $612 
  • Online gifts across all nonprofit subsectors averages $148 

Presenting these statistics to your board can help make the case for why it’s important to be able to accept donations online. If your nonprofit doesn’t accept online donations, or only accepts donations online via PayPal, they’re missing out on donations from those who prefer to give donations online.  

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Arrange a demonstration

Once you’ve presented your case, it’s helpful to show your board members potential fundraising software platforms that you are considering. By providing examples of what your nonprofit could have access to by adopting fundraising software, you get board members thinking about the possibilities for your nonprofit.

When narrowing down your choices, it pays to have demonstrations with each of the software solutions you’re considering. This way, you can compare and contrast your options with your board and they can see the benefits of each potential software solution.

Be willing to answer questions and have rebuttals prepared for pushback

When you present your fundraising software solution to your board, be prepared to answer questions or even receive some pushback from your board members. If possible, have a representative from the company you’re considering working with in on the discussion. They’ll be well-equipped to field questions that you can’t answer as the experts on what their fundraising software solution can do. 

Pushback is something that should be dealt with internally. If there are board members who can’t justify the cost or are otherwise resistant to change, have rebuttals prepared to defend the need for the fundraising software that you are considering. Your rebuttals should focus on the time and money savings available by implementing fundraising software. 


With these tips in mind, you should be able to craft the perfect presentation for your board members to make the case for why your nonprofit needs fundraising software. 

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