Does Your Thank-You Page Keep Donors Engaged?

Donor Acquisition and Retention

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Your overall relationship with donors consists of many parts  — one that may not seem significant is the thank-you page donors land on after making an online donation. It’s more important than you think!

The thank-you page is the first thing donors see after making the decision to give to your organization. Offering warm and personal thanks is a much better way to keep donors engaged than having them land on a cold transaction receipt. Here are a few additions you could make to maintain that warm-and-fuzzy feeling in your donors after they’ve completed their donation!

Thank-you video, photos, and stories

Seeing a video featuring a real live person offering thanks to donors is a powerful touch! You could feature volunteers in the field or someone who has benefited from your organization’s programs. Don’t work with people? Show how donors have helped conserve an area of land or film a shelter dog’s freedom ride!

You can use photos and stories to the same effect if you don’t have a video! Just make sure your description of how donations help those you serve is short and easy to understand — you don’t want to go overboard and make the page overwhelming.

Gather feedback

When you know more about your donors, you know how to reach and serve them in a way that makes them happy! You could include a quick survey asking how donors heard about your organization. If you’re concentrating your efforts on a certain social media outlet only to discover a mere 2% of your online donors are coming from that source, you can rethink your strategy and refocus your efforts.

Including a text box with a “What could we do better?” section could provide valuable information into how to make your organization’s website and donation process better. You can’t attend to every request, but a donor might submit something that may not have been obvious during the design and development process that just makes sense!

Social media information

Offering a way for your donors to share their good deeds on social media can attract attention to your cause and bring more donors to your website. You can also include a way for donors to follow you on Facebook, X, and other social media platforms so they can get updates, impact stories, information about donor appreciation events, and more!

Tax information

Don’t make donors search for information about tax deduction! Tax information should be in plain sight, but you might consider placing it after your thank-you and impact message. You want to appeal to the philanthropist in a donor first, not the accountant (no offense to accountants…we love you!).

Qgiv Tip:

If you’re using the Form Builder feature on a Qgiv donation form, you can customize your thank-you page by using the Top Content and Bottom Content areas. You can include images, text, and HTML to make your page personal and engaging!

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