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Everyone knows that Facebook is a valuable tool for nonprofits. The sheer number of people on the social network is staggering — as of June, 2013, there are more than 1 billion active users on the site. That’s a huge potential audience for your organization! Building a fan base and developing relationships with those people is a valuable way to get support for your charity, both in volunteers and in financial support. More fans mean a bigger audience, more potential volunteers, and more potential donors.

We want to help you tap into that potential. Our new Facebook donation form feature lets you create a tab on Facebook that contains the same secure Qgiv donation form you already have on your website. It’s an easy way to get your donation page in front of your supporters on a website that they use frequently.

We know that keeping donors engaged long enough to get from your social media channels to your donation page can be a challenge. Facebook donation forms don’t require donors to navigate away from your Facebook page to make a donation: they can just click on the donation tab and fill in their information. It just takes one click.

If you’re interested in trying a Facebook donation form, just let us know! We can help get you set up and accepting donations via Facebook in no time.

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