How to Introduce New Tech to Donors (and Make Them Love It!)

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New technology seems to crop up every day. Whether it’s in the form of a phone update, a new app, or an Apple release, technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

As a nonprofit fundraiser, you’re always looking for new ways to connect with donors, facilitate gifts, and improve communication. New technology helps achieve all those goals! But we humans don’t necessarily love change, and we can sometimes struggle to adopt new tech even if it makes our lives easier. Think about the times Facebook updated their platform’s profiles and newsfeeds… people freaked out!

So how can we introduce new technology to our donors in a way that encourages adoption and makes them feel good about it?

We have some ideas!

Tell People Why It’s Great

What problem does your new tech solve? Why is it good for your donors? What will it help them do that they can’t do with old tech?

Your donors will be more likely to adopt new technology if it makes their lives easier or solves a problem that they face. Note that the emphasis is on why the tech is good for them, not you. Sure, your new technology might help you raise more money, get that money faster, save you time, etc. but those aren’t selling points for your donors. Tell your donors why they will be happy with your new tool.

Want some examples? Here’s how to present a few new tools to your donors!

Text-to-Donate: Making your donation is easier than ever! Just text OURKEYWORD to 50155 and follow the instructions. It only takes a few seconds to make a gift that will have a lifelong impact.

Peer-to-Peer: Are you looking for more ways to make a difference? Try fundraising with us! You can set up a donation page, tell people why you’re involved, and share with your friends and family.

Donation App: Have you tried this new giving app? You can use it to donate, register for events, participate in our annual auction, and more! You can also use it to track your gifts and payment methods. It’s a great way to stay involved!

Tell People How to Use It

This morning, I saw one of my Facebook friends post about how much they hated a very small change Facebook made to their platform. Facebook moved the “Birthdays” widget out of the home page and into the “Events” section of the platform, and he was angry about it. He counted on that widget to let him know about his friends’ birthdays, and he missed several birthdays because of the change.

This is a great example of how set in their ways people become with their technology. We don’t want change, we don’t like change, we will avoid change! Having to re-learn technology or adjust our existing patterns is a pain. You can help donors overcome that hurdle by telling them how to use your new tech and telling them what to expect.

Had my friend known in advance that Facebook was moving the “Birthdays” widget, he wouldn’t have been so irritated about forgetting peoples’ birthday. If you tell your donors what to expect and how to use your new tools, you will mitigate a lot of confusion and irritation.

Here are some examples!

Text-to-Donate: Making a gift is easy! Just text OURKEYWORD to 50155 and follow the instructions. You’ll be taken to a simple page where you can finalize your gift, and you’ll receive your confirmation and receipt in minutes.

Peer-to-Peer: Once you’ve registered, you’ll be guided through the process of setting up your page, sharing it with your friends and family, and raising your first donations. We’ll walk you through it every step of the way!

Donation App: Once you’ve registered, you’ll be prompted to set up an account. Setting up your account just takes a minute and will make it easy to donate, register for events, or participate it our upcoming auction!

You can also add simple instructions to signs, brochures, event signage, direct mail pieces, ads, and other assets you use to inspire donors.

Have People on Hand to Help

If you’re debuting your new tool at an event, make sure to have volunteers or staff on hand to help people who might have questions. This is particularly important if you’ve changed your tech completely instead of just adding a new tool! Some donors who are used to swiping a credit card through a giving kiosk may be taken aback if you decide to replace the kiosks with, say, text donations instead of offering both options. Having staff on hand will help ease any “friction” donors encounter when their standard way of giving has changed!

Make yourself available on other channels, too. If donors have questions about a new app, a new donation form, a new event, or any other piece of tech you’ve introduced to your supporters, they’ll reach out to you. Be ready! Make sure staff who interact regularly with your donor base are up to speed on any new tools or forms you’re using. Donors may contact you through Facebook, X, email, or other channels—ensuring they receive a thorough answer to their questions as soon as possible will ease their minds about using new tech.


Now that you know how to introduce new technology to your donors, why not learn about some of the cool fundraising tools available through Qgiv? Whether you’re looking to replace existing tools or add new ones to your fundraising toolbox, we’re here to help! You can learn more about out platform here, or you can contact us for a personal tour of our tools.

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