Learn to Market Your Matching Gifts Program

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Every year, anywhere from $6 to $10 billion in matched donations are unclaimed. What could you do with even a portion of that money?

There are amazing corporate philanthropy programs out there. So why is so much of the funding they offer unused?

The answer is simple: donors are simply unaware of their employers’ matching gifts program. Donors love knowing their gifts count for double; you just have to figure out a way to tell them about it.

That’s where this webinar comes in!

Our friends over at Double the Donation are going to teach us how we can make the most of matching gifts. You’ll learn how to market matching gifts to donors, and you’ll see examples of how real-life organizations do it. If you want to make the funds you raise count for double, this is a must-see webinar.

Join us on Tuesday, February 22 at 2:00 pm EST to learn the real-life strategies that are helping other nonprofits raise more money.

Can’t attend? Don’t worry! ANYONE who registers for the webinar will get a link to a recording of the presentation. You’ll also get links to any resources mentioned in the webinar.

Sound good?

Watch the Webinar Today!

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