Mobile Mania: Using Mobile Donation Forms

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Is your donation page set up for mobile use? If it’s not, you could be missing a valuable way to connect with your supporters. Mobile donation forms are an increasingly important way for nonprofits to reach their supporters anywhere they have cell phone service.

Every day, more and more people access the Internet using smartphones and tablets. Enabling mobile donation forms is a great way to increase donations by allowing your donors to make gifts from a simple page that’s specifically designed for their mobile devices. It also helps ensure that you don’ t miss opportunities with donors who don’t carry cash or checks!

We know how important mobile technology is, and we know that the demand for mobile-friendly donation forms will only increase.  We’ve been working hard on making our mobile donation forms customizable and easy-to-use. If you use Qgiv, you automatically have access to mobile donation forms and can turn them on and off with just a few clicks.

Keep your eye out for new mobile donation options in the future and, in the meantime, check out your mobile donation forms. We know mobile devices are developing rapidly, and we’re always developing new solutions right along with them!

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