3 Peer-to-Peer Event Ideas for Environmental Nonprofits

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For environmental nonprofits making the world a cleaner, healthier place, it’s nice to have all the help you can get. That help extends beyond just receiving donations. You likely need a volunteer workforce to keep up with the work that needs to be done.

What if you could combine these labors of love with your fundraising efforts?

You can! Create peer-to-peer events that give your donors the opportunity to support your organization as both a financial backer and a hands-on volunteer. Here are three unique peer-to-peer event ideas for environmental nonprofits to get you started planning your next peer-to-peer event.

An event that will get supporters hooked

If your nonprofit is concerned about man-made material in the water, here’s an event that raises funds and awareness while taking steps to correct the issue. Magnet fishing involves the use of high-powered magnets and a strong tow rope to attract magnetic objects from the bottoms of lakes, rivers, and canals. Magnet fishers remove man-made objects from the water. Because of this, the amount of toxic metal in the water decreases. This improves the quality of the water for the wildlife and people reliant on it.

How can your environmental nonprofit use magnet fishing to raise money?

It’s simple! Purchase heavy duty tow ropes and neodymium magnets from a home improvement store or online. It’s also a good idea to have buckets and waterproof gloves on hand for each prospective magnet fishing team.

Then, host a magnet fishing tournament. Create prizes for the team that brings in the heaviest load of metals from the water. You can also award prizes for the most fascinating finds. Set a maximum number of participants per team so each has around the same number. Assign each team a section of the water to magnet fish in. Then, let the magnet fishers catch whatever they can until it’s time to weigh in.

Ask each team to fundraise on your behalf. To motivate them, set a goal for team donations and for recruiting spectators. If your organization can afford the initial expense, sell magnet fishing gear at the event. You can profit by selling a helpful hobby to people attending your event. Also, be sure to have food, drinks, and event merchandise for sale to raise funds for your conservation work.

This is Molly. She’s a member of Qgiv’s Customer Experience Team. When she’s not helping nonprofits, she’s helping the environment. Check out her magnet fishing finds!

Your supporters will leaf this next event feeling great

Groot would definitely approve of this next event idea for environmental nonprofits.

For environmental nonprofits that want to combat deforestation, this next event idea’s for you! Trees and other plants are crucial for taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. However, due to deforestation by humans or natural causes, many trees die each year. This event helps replace areas affected by deforestation.

To start, acquire saplings from a landscaper, greenhouse, or from your organization’s stock. Then, recruit teams for a tree planting relay. Then each team races to plant all their trees in their assigned places. Assign planting rows for each team. Another option is to assign each team a color that corresponds to a yard flag in the replanting area. The team that plants all their trees in the shortest amount of time wins. Arm them with trowels for digging in the dirt and gloves to prevent blisters. Keep plenty of water available. This type of work requires your supporters to be properly hydrated – especially if working to quickly plant their assigned saplings.

This event is easily repeatable year after year. Work with local, state, and federal parks (or team up with other environmental nonprofits) near you to choose locations in need of reforestation efforts. If you manage a local park, take note of which areas are in most need of help. Then, make that the designated event area each year. This event is a great option for busy nonprofits. This event does more than help you replant trees quickly. You’re raising funds by selling event sponsorships, collecting event registration fees, and accepting donations.

Your environmental nonprofit can clean up with this event idea

Capitalize on the #trashtag trend! Ask participants to pick up trash at an assigned park or public space that’s prone to litter. Once they collect their trash, have them post a picture of the trash they bagged to their social media accounts. On Instagram and X, be sure they use the #trashtag hashtag for increased visibility.

Then, have the participants ask their followers to donate to your environmental nonprofit. Each participant should have their own unique peer-to-peer fundraising page. Have them post a link to their donation page when asking for directions. Award the top #trashtag fundraiser. You should also create awards for the participants who collected the most litter from their assigned public place.

Outfit each participant in a safety vest. Supply trash bags, gloves, and water. Require close toed shoes to prevent injury. You’ll clean up your community while raising awareness for these efforts. Calculate the total weight of all the trash collected. Be sure to count the number of garbage bags filled as well. This information helps people better understand your mission. As a bonus, they also understand the effort that goes into keeping their favorite public spaces clean.


Empower your supporters so after attending your event, they feel like Captain Planet.

As an eco-nonprofit, volunteers are crucial to getting work done. With their support, you make the world cleaner and healthier for plants, animals, and people. We hope these event ideas help you get more done while raising crucial funds and awareness of your mission.

New to peer-to-peer fundraising? Check out our Ultimate Guide! Looking for a peer-to-peer platform to use for your events? Request a demo to see Qgiv’s tools in action.

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