Planet Philanthropy 2015: An X Recap

Nonprofit Management

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Fundraisers from all over the country converged upon sunny Jacksonville, Florida, to attend the 2015 Planet Philanthropy conference. The conference, which took place June 7th to the 9th, gave fundraisers the opportunity to learn together, trade ideas, and share the fundraising methods and strategies that have been successful (and sometimes even the ones that haven’t succeeded!) over the last year.

As in past years, many people who weren’t able to make it to the conference have been glued to their X feeds, watching ideas and insights roll in from different users. Here are some noteworthy tweets from #afp15pp!

Going the extra mile for your donors means going above and beyond your responsibilities. Being an “extra miler” has a huge impact — on your work, on your co-workers, and on your donors.

It’s easy to overlook small details of our interactions with donors. But those small details — anything from making sure their names are spelled correctly to thoughtfully planning newsletters or asks — make a serious impression on the people who fund your work.

If major marketing tools aren’t in your budget, don’t worry! There are some fantastic resources covered in this slideshare presentation. We’re especially fond of Canva here at Qgiv — you’ll love these tools!

Fundraising is… From #AFP15PP #roadtophilanthropy

— Life Is Art, Inc. (@LifeIsArtFest) June 8, 2015

Really great fundraisers have an innate sense of timing and a deep knowledge of their donors. Combining those two talents has some really dynamite results. Are you this type of fundraiser?

It’s easy for program funders to get lost in the shuffle of events — don’t let them slip through the cracks! Program funders are an important part of any nonprofit’s operations, and we can’t let ourselves forget about them.

What can you do to make sure you’re providing the best service to the world? How can you be an extra-miler? What’s holding you back from accomplishing more and doing more for the people around you? Ask yourself that question each day, and you’ll make an even bigger impact on the world.

Everybody needs a little encouragement sometimes — take this to heart! As a fundraiser, you’re working to make the world a better place. No matter what your mission is, no matter the group of people you serve, no matter the scope of your programs or the elaborateness of your events, you’re making a difference. You’re important. Don’t forget it!

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