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We love seeing nonprofits succeed using our platforms. Everyone at Qgiv — from our developers to our customer experience team — get excited every time we see an organization accomplish something amazing. We wanted to share our own favorite tips for getting the most out of your Qgiv account!

  • Widgets are one of my favorite Qgiv features! You can embed your donation form or amounts container on any page of your organization’s website or any other relevant web page… even in a blog post! If you’re running a campaign that revolves around a certain donation amount, you can embed a widget that displays that amount option preselected on your form for donors! Plus, it’s just fun to say “widgets.”
    – Sarah Sebastian, Director of Brand Communications

  • “With the introduction of the cloning and Form Builder features, our clients now have a whole new level of flexibility and customization at their fingertips. They can use them to build donation forms that include compelling images and calls to action, all with the unique look and feel needed to fit into any campaign. It’s exciting to see what clients are coming up with!”
    – Jennifer Mansfield, Vice President of Customer Experience

  • Make sure you spend some time building really nice receipts in the receipts area of the control panel. When I’ve donated to organizations in the past, their receipts had a big impact on whether or not I donated again. One organization thanked me by name and showed me a picture of their staff thanking me for my gift — it made me so happy to know that real people appreciated my contribution.
    -Abby Jarvis, Nonprofit Education Manager

  • Manually awarded badges are a fun way to reward people for things that the system doesn’t track on its own. You can see a list of awardees for a badge to keep track of everyone! Use the badge maker or upload images of your own for personalized badges.”
    -Josh Story, UI/UX Designer

  • Mobile responsive pages should be huge for any nonprofit. I personally use my phone for everything from emails to tracking workouts; why would donating be any different? Plus, a properly set up mobile page looks so much better and more professional.
    – Andrew Denniger, Sales

  • Sharing your event on social media has never been easier. The social posts settings for Facebook and X are easy to navigate, manage, and schedule to ensure your event is out there for your network to see and share, and it’s all available in your Control Panel. It’s seriously as easy as 1-2-3!
    – Brittany Bedford, Customer Experience Manager

  • We all know that staying in touch with donors beyond the initial donation is a key element of cultivating long-term supporters. Qgiv service integrations with MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor make it super easy to include your online donors in your email lists so you can build those lasting relationships.
    -Jacob Fullhart, Customer Experience Specialist by day, The Voice of Qgiv™ by night

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