Qgiv’s 2015 Holiday Fundraising Toolbox

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#GivingTuesday is rapidly approaching, and that day (to me) is the unofficial start to holiday and year-end fundraising. #GivingTuesday is to the nonprofit industry what Black Friday is to the retail industry… and nonprofits are scrambling to double-check their fundraising strategies.

Here are some blog entries from the past year that will be helpful as you prepare for the last month of 2015 fundraising!

How to Raise More Money in 2015

Take a few minutes to take a step back and evaluate your fundraising methods. What kinds of things can you do better? How can you improve your donors’ experiences with your nonprofit? This article will give you a few areas to evaluate.

3 Steps to Double Online Donations

Want to raise more money online? Duh… of course you do. Here are three ways to make sure this month’s online fundraising is as successful as possible.

How Top Nonprofits Raise More Money

We took a close look at a few of our top clients and came away with some neat insights about what they’re doing with their online fundraising. Here are 4 ways you can emulate those nonprofits and (hopefully!) their success.

Designing a Successful Donation Page

If you’re a Qgiv client, you’ve recently gotten a lot more control over your donation form, from the ability to add custom content to an easier way to reorganize the sections on your donation page. Here are some pointers for designing the most efficient donation page possible.

Periscope for Nonprofits

The holidays are usually full of nonprofit events, from Christmas parties and galas to fundraisers and bake sales. Periscope lets you engage even your most far-flung donors by streaming your activities online. Here are some neat ways to start using Periscope to broadcast to your supporters.

5 Things Nonprofits Get Wrong About Online Donations

Is your donation page mobile responsive? If it’s not, you might be losing some valuable donors. Could any of these other mistakes be costing you new donors?

5 Fundraising Strategies for Shy People

Holiday fundraising can be intimidating for shy people (and even regularly outgoing people!). Here are some ways you can raise money without being too intimidated.

Is Your Nonprofit Website Scaring Away Donors?

Halloween’s over, and it’s time to stop frightening visitors to your website. If you’ve got any of these elements on your site, it’s time to make a few updates.

Basics for Building a Persuasive Fundraising Website

Replace those scary page elements with elements that will persuade people to donate to you. You’ll be surprised at how simple it can be!

How to Boost Text Giving Donations

If you’re thinking about including text giving options in any of your year-end campaigns, this article is definitely worth the read. Learn how to set up your text giving campaign for success — these strategies are simple, but they’ll have a huge impact.

Does Your Thank-You Page Keep Donors Engaged?

You’ll probably get some first-time donors during the end of the year. Does your thank-you page and follow-up keep them engaged after they make their first gift? Your thank-you page is the first impression they get of your organization after they give — make it count!

Want more fundraising strategies and ideas as you prepare for year-end giving? Check out the 2014 Holiday Fundraising Toolbox and the version from 2013, too.

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