Qgiv’s Holiday Fundraising Toolbox

Fundraising Ideas

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It’s Thanksgiving week, which means it’s crunch time for nonprofits who are about to get into the thick of their holiday fundraising. To help, we put together this “toolbox” of common-sense fundraising tips. Whether you’re penning an appeal for donations, updating your website to appeal to an influx of new donors, or revamping your donor retention plan for the new year, here’s a roundup of articles that can help you meet your goals:

It’s Time For You to Rethink Your Fundraising Strategy

Think twice before you fall back into your old fundraising strategy in the new year; you might be missing out on some amazing donors!

4 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Web Traffic

While you’re updating your site to reflect your year-end campaign and uploading pictures from events and parties, here are some things you can keep in mind to help your website thrive through the holidays.

4 MORE Ways to Increase Your Site’s Web Traffic

You didn’t think we’d only give you four ways to increase traffic to your website, did you? Of course not. Here are some more handy tips to keep in mind.

Photography Resources for Your Nonprofit

While you’re decking out your webpage, here are some resources you can use to add visual interest and develop your storytelling both on your site and on social media outlets.

5 Things You Should Include On Your Donation Page and 5 Things You Should NOT Include On Your Donation Page

You’re probably going to be getting more traffic to your donation page than usual during the last few months of the year. Here are some ways you can make your donation page as donor-friendly as possible.

Fundraising Lessons from “Checkout Charity”

Don’t lose your temper when you’re asked, for the millionth time, if you’d like to donate to one charity or another while you’re trying to buy your sweet potatoes and green beans. Instead, take a second to appreciate the fundraising lessons we can take away from “checkout charity.”

Still hungry for more helpful holiday fundraising tips? Here are 10 amazing online resources provided by some of the best fundraisers around!

Happy fundraising!

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