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Creative License: Standout Campaign Ideas to Raise More and Spend Less

Need to run a campaign on a small budget? This session is for you! Get inspired with these creative fundraising ideas that won’t break the bank. If you need a spark of inspiration, have an idea and don’t know if it’ll work, or just want to see what other nonprofits are doing, you’ll love this session!

Tune in as Windy Keene of Qgiv discusses unique fundraising ideas for your nonprofit, real examples from Qgiv clients, and how Qgiv clients raised more using our flexible fundraising platform. Watch this webinar to:

  • See ideas for fundraising campaigns you can run using a single donation form.
  • Get ideas for standard fundraising events and out-of-the-box campaigns.
  • Learn how you can use the Qgiv platform in creative ways.
  • See examples from nonprofits all over the country that will delight and inspire you.

Let’s get inspired together!

Click here to download the slides!

Meet the Speaker

Windy has a passion for helping nonprofits take their fundraising from good to great! As a Customer Success Manager at Qgiv, she works closely with organizations of all sizes, so she understands one size does not fit all when it comes to the nonprofit community. She’s motivated (and humbled) every day by our clients’ commitment to making the world a better place. When she’s not working, she’s reading everything–including the cereal box. Book club, anyone?

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