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Getting a Foot in the Door: How to Onboard Subscribers to Your Nonprofit E Newsletter

Email marketing should be an integral part of your nonprofit’s multi-channel fundraising strategy. That process starts with encouraging people to submit their email address on your website form and persuading them to click the “subscribe” button. Easier said than done!

In this webinar based on research of the 100 largest nonprofits in the U.S., you’ll learn best (and worst!) practices related to:

  • Where your website signup form belongs
  • Your CTA (call to action)
  • What fields the form should contain
  • Donation form opt-in to your newsletter
  • Components of a good welcome email and more

You’ll learn best practices, receive tips, and gain a better understanding of how to improve your organization’s email onboarding process. Time to grow your email list and create more opportunities to convert subscribers into donors!

Click here to download the slides

Meet the Speaker:

Ephraim Gopin is the founder of 1832 Communications, an agency which helps nonprofits build relationships with donors and raise more money through smart and effective marketing. 1832 partners with nonprofits to upgrade their website and online presence, improve their marketing and fundraising collateral, grow their media outreach efforts and boost their email marketing apparatus. Ephraim is always happy to connect with nonprofit pros on X, LinkedIn, via his daily nonprofit newsletter or his weekly podcast. Ephraim is the proud father of three young adults, all of whom enjoy road trips with their dad but disapprove of how he takes selfies.

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