Six Steps to Fundraising With Qgiv

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Want to know what to expect during signup? Below, you’ll find a list of steps in the process, including a detailed list of the documents you’ll need to provide in order for your account to be approved. No two organizations are exactly alike, so the process may vary slightly.

Here’s what we’ll be doing, what you can expect, and some insight into how you can help make it a speedy process.

Step 1: Activate Your Account

You’ll get an email that prompts you to set a password for your account. Remember, your username is your email address!

Step 2: Organization Information

This is where you’ll enter your basic organization information, like your address, primary contact, phone number, and the banking information we’ll use for billing purposes.

Step 3: Review Terms and Fee Schedule

You should carefully review your fee schedule and read over the ACH Debit Authorization agreement before continuing. We encourage you to print out this page to keep for your records. Just click “Print Fees and ACH Agreement” at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Review and Sign Agreement

We’ll automatically generate an agreement for you using the information you’ve provided so far. This document must be signed by the person you have listed as the account signer in the information you’ve given previously.

Step 5: Upload Documents

At this point, you’ll upload all of the documents needed to start using Qgiv. We only work with the good guys (that’s you!), so we ask for a variety of verification documents that help to keep fraudulent organizations from being able to set up an account. Certain types of organizations may need slightly different paperwork, so check the list below to see exactly what you’ll need!

Please note: If you’re using your own merchant and not signing up for one with us, we’ll only need the preprinted, voided corporate check that matches the legal address on your application (see the Financial Verification section below).  If you ARE signing up for a merchant with us, and/or if you’re adding eCheck processing, we’ll need the documents outlined below.

Tax Exemption Verification

We’ve listed the applicable documents for varying types of organizations below:

  • Established Nonprofit/Church: Your federal exemption determination letter from the IRS
    State documentation and/or exemption from sales tax are not documents that will suffice in most cases. 
  • Brand New Nonprofit/Church: Form 1023 if your nonprofit status is pending
  • Political Organization/Candidate: Political Filing Paperwork

Financial Verification

This is the most sensitive of the risk assessment processes, so we’ve provided a high level of detail based on our experience with what will and will not pass with the underwriters.

Option 1Bank Letter: To expedite the process, a bank letter is most likely the document you’ll want to submit! The letter must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Provided on bank letterhead.
  • Signed by a bank official. Name and contact information must be included.
  • Organization name, account number, and routing number included.

Option 2Corporate Voided Check:  You may submit a preprinted, voided corporate check that matches the legal address on your application. You’ll have the best results if you submit a quality photograph of the check to avoid any issues with legibility — we’ve found fax images are often unclear. Starter checks, check samples for reorder, and checks void of any fraud prevention measures aren’t sufficient and will require a bank letter.

Once we have ALL approved documentation above, the turnaround time for activation is 3-5 business days, which would include everything, with the possible exception of eCheck processing if you’ve opted for that. If you don’t add eChecks right away, it can be added at any time.

Step 6: Underwriting

We’ll take all of the information you’ve given us for use in our underwriting process, and we’ll contact you individually if we need more information for your application. Feel free to access your Qgiv dashboard and start exploring your new set of tools. We’ll be in touch!

While your account is in the process of being approved, you can explore and configure your form settings, but you won’t be able to run actual transactions. If you’d like, you can run test transactions to experience the donation process from a donor’s point of view by using the following information:

Test credit card number: 4111111111111111
CVV: Any 3- or 4-digit number
Expiration date: Any future date

We can’t wait to see how your organization grows and thrives with Qgiv. We’ll stay in touch with you as you start your fundraising journey, and we’re here to help if you have questions. Just email us at or give us a call Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST at 888-855-9595. Don’t forget that you have access to our helpdesk, as well! Simply click the “Support” link in the upper right corner of your screen after logging in to your account.

Happy Fundraising!

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