How Top Nonprofits Raise More Money

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Every nonprofit in the industry has a different fundraising strategy that fits their unique structure and mission. But we’ve noticed that nonprofits that consistently meet their goals all have a few strategies in common– and they do them very well. Here are some best practices you can work into your own nonprofit’s fundraising strategy to raise more money.

1. Make Your Donate Button Stand Out

One nonprofit made a small but significant tweak to their website’s design — they changed their “Donate” button to an eye-popping orange color. The color complemented the site’s color scheme but was immediately visible on the page. The lift they saw in completed transactions proved what fundraising experts already knew: the easier it is for a prospect to get to the donation page, the more likely they will be to give.

2. Segment Campaign Prospects

You have unique types of donors, and a one-size-fits-all approach to fundraising won’t yield great results. Your one-time donors, corporate sponsors, and recurring donors shouldn’t all get the same campaign e-mails. Segment your mailing list and send your supporters e-mails that speak to their level of involvement in your organization; send one encouraging corporate sponsors to buy a sponsorship, for example, or encourage first-time donors to stay involved. It takes extra time, but the donor retention and better returns will be worth it.

3. Cultivate Your Sustainers

We say it often and we’ll say it again: retaining donors is a more effective fundraising strategy than constantly finding new ones. And cultivating those recurring donors is a good way to retain them! Fostering relationships with those donors and encouraging them to increase their level of support is a powerful way to raise more money for your nonprofit and to build deeper friendships with the people who sustain your organization.

4. Simplify Your Donation Pages

We talked a little about this a couple of weeks ago, but it’s such an important concept that we’ll mention it again. Keeping your donation page free from distractions will decrease donor turnover and increase completed transactions. It’s that simple! Take a look at your donation form and the information you have there. If an element on your form doesn’t reinforce the desire to give, take it off of your page. That includes other calls to action, distracting text, and flashy page elements (like auto-playing videos, crazy-looking graphics, etc.) that will draw a donor’s attention from the donation form itself.

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