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When I was a kid, I loved offering-time during Sunday church services. I’d usually have a couple of quarters or a dollar bill to put into the plate as it was passed around. Once, I even got to help the deacons pass the plates up and down the rows as church members dropped in cash and checks. The more organized members put their gifts in little envelopes with their names and addresses on them. Today, cash and check offerings are rarer. As more people carry credit and debit cards, church-goers are looking for other ways to give.

An easier way to tithe: how Qgiv’s Givi app works for churches

This is where Givi comes in. If you’re not familiar with it yet, Givi is a donor-facing app that offers a way for people to give to their favorite nonprofit organizations and churches. If you’re a Qgiv user, you automatically have access to Givi—it’s a standard Qgiv feature, which means every client gets to use it.

Since passing the plates is a time-honored method of collecting tithes, making the switch to an app can be intimidating. Here are some reasons you might want to consider adding Givi to your giving options.

Givi for churches

Some of your members will still want to give gifts with cash or checks. For other members, Givi is a handy tool that lets them track and manage their gifts. With Givi, your members can:

  • Set up and manage payment methods
  • Make one-time and recurring gifts
  • Track their giving history and receipts

There are benefits for your church and its staff, too!

  • Recurring gifts mean more predictable income, especially during slower months
  • Staff spends less time creating and sending statements
  • Members can update payment methods and billing info instead of relying on staff updates
  • Deposits are done daily, which means less waiting for income

How does Givi work for members?

Worried about making the switch to an app? That’s understandable!

Givi is especially effective for churches because 1) your members want to give and 2) you have a captive audience. It’s easier for churches to introduce an app like Givi to their members because your members are already highly engaged!

Introducing Givi to your members is also easy because Givi was built specifically to be user friendly. You don’t have to take our word for it! Here’s exactly what your members will see when they give on the Givi app.

First, they’ll make an account

They’ll set up their personal information and billing methods. This means they won’t have to re-enter their information every time they want to give.

Then, they’ll find your profile

Searching is simple! When they find you, they can add you to their “favorites.” Favorited organizations are displayed on their home page.

Next, they’ll customize their gift

All the options during the giving process (recurring frequency, restrictions, etc) are managed on your end. Then, your members just choose the options they want.

They can help cover processing costs

If you enable GiftAssist on your Givi form, your members can opt to offset processing costs by making this small additional gift.

They’ll choose their payment method and make a gift

This takes seconds! Members are taken to a secure page to confirm their gift.

Lastly, they get their receipt

Receipts are available both on the app and on the web. They can also get emailed receipts!

Tracking and managing gifts is easy!

Members can easily find their giving history, update gifts and personal information, and see upcoming gifts.

Want to learn more?

Qgiv works with thousands of organizations to create amazing donor experiences that help raise more money. Many of those organizations are churches! If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your church offer online giving, Givi, text gifts, and other tools to your members, we’re here to help. Give us a call at 888-855-9595 or ask us for a personalized demo. We’ll learn about your organization and what you want to achieve, then show you tools that will get you there. Contact us today!

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