Service Smackdown: Qgiv vs. PayPal

Nonprofit Management

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We get plenty of calls from nonprofits who are curious about how Qgiv stacks up against PayPal. PayPal is a payment platform that’s popular among nonprofits that need the bare essentials in a fundraising form. When nonprofits have grown and need to expand their options, they have lots of questions! If you’re wondering if it’s time to upgrade from PayPal, here are some ways it differs from our platform.

Qgiv vs. PayPal: Page Branding

Nonprofits can add a bit of personality to both Qgiv and PayPal forms… but in very different ways!

On PayPal, nonprofits can upload their logo. It will appear on the page, but their ability to customize their page stops there.

Qgiv has a couple options for branded donation pages. We can build you a custom donation page that looks exactly like your website. You can also copy and paste a donation form widget into a donation page you already have. That only takes a few minutes!

Nonprofits can customize other aspects of their Qgiv forms, too. Tons of elements, including updating wording for many fields, enabling dedications, and adding additional questions to their forms are simple to update.

PayPal’s limited branding functions work for some nonprofits. But we’ve noticed that nonprofits earn more donations (and bigger donations!) on branded forms.

Qgiv vs. PayPal: Recurring Donation Capabilities

For many nonprofits, recruiting recurring donors is a key part of their fundraising strategy. PayPal does offer a recurring donation function at an extra cost to its users. The recurring donation function is already included in the Qgiv platform.

Qgiv vs. PayPal: Receiving Funds

Different payment platforms have different timelines when sending money to their nonprofits. PayPal clients generally receive their deposits in 5-7 business days. Qgiv clients usually receive their donations on 24-48 hours. There’s a slightly longer wait for eChecks with both services.

Qgiv vs. PayPal: Credit Card Statements

Do you know whose name appears on your donors’ credit card or bank statements? It’s a small detail, but it’s a significant one! When a donor makes a donation through a PayPal form, they’ll see “PayPal” as the payee on their statements. A gift through a Qgiv form will appear on their statement in the nonprofit’s name.

The name that appears on a donor’s statement is something to carefully consider. Having your name appear there is a good way to remind donors of their relationship with your organization!

Qgiv vs. PayPal: Feature Sets

PayPal is a great option for small, start-up nonprofits that just need the essentials. For more established nonprofits, diversifying giving options is an important part of successful fundraising. That’s why we’ve built in tools like simple event registrations and more. We pride ourselves on helping nonprofits grow, whether they’re large foundations or start-ups. As you grow, you can choose to add other tools to your acount.

The neat thing about using Qgiv is that it doesn’t mean you have to stop using PayPal. Qgiv integrates with PayPal, so donors who are used to using PayPal can still choose that as a payment option.

If you’re comparing Qgiv and PayPal, we hope this helps! We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have; if you have questions or want to learn more, you can always contact us.

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