7 of the Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns We’ve Seen

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Giving Tuesday is coming up! Need some campaign inspiration? We’ve put together seven of the best Giving Tuesday campaigns we’ve seen from actual Qgiv clients. See how these nonprofits handled Giving Tuesday and what you can do to boost your fundraising results. 

Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis

What they did

What made this campaign one of the best Giving Tuesday campaigns we’ve seen? Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis used text fundraising technology in addition to a designated campaign page for Giving Tuesday. By sharing instructions on how to give on mobile devices, they were able to attract donations from givers on the go.  

All it took was a simple graphic with text overtop that shared instructions on how to give via text. They set up a unique keyword and had donors text that keyword to 50155 to give. That made it possible for donors to create pledges via text to fulfill later or to give right away. 

The result was a huge success. They raised 101% of their fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday, raising more than $8,000 for those they serve! 

Chicago’s Green City Market Program

What they did

Chicago’s Green City Market Program kept it simple. They used a donation form exclusive to Giving Tuesday and used Qgiv’s landing page feature to show impact statements above the giving amounts to show how donations help.  

This made it easier for donors to see the impact their gifts will have. Additionally, by keeping it short and simple it made it easier for more donors to complete their gifts. They used the multi-step version of Qgiv’s standard donation form to break giving down into three manageable steps with no calls for additional information. 

Lastly, they used the GiftAssist feature so donors could choose to offset processing fees for donations. This saved them money while they made money using a free online donation form from Qgiv! 

City Year Philadelphia

What they did

City Year Philadephia created a new Giving Tuesday tradition for their supporters. They introduced a challenge to supporters asking them to wear red on Giving Tuesday to show their support of City Year Philadelphia.  

To make this challenge purposeful, they invented special hashtags just for Giving Tuesday so supporters could be part of a social media movement and show their support online. 

By creating this sense of community, the nonprofit exceeded its fundraising goal, raising 144% of their $13,000 goal.  

Crossroads Mission Avenue 

What they did

Crossroads Mission Avenue customized their online donation form and used highly impactful images and statements to show donors why they should give to the mission. 

They chose a picture of those they serve as a large banner image for their Giving Tuesday campaign form and added a heartfelt message requesting support below it. 

On the donation form itself, they used impact statements on the donation amounts to show donors what their donations will accomplish at each level. 

Additionally, they remembered not everyone can give in dollars. They included links to volunteer as well, which empowered those who are passionate about helping the homeless get involved. 

Islamic Relief USA

What they did

Islamic Relief USA created a campaign using Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform. Not only did they use this platform to create a heartfelt and moving appeal that used still images and video to explain why they were raising funds, they encouraged their supporters to create their own campaigns to raise funds for their cause.

Their share your warmth campaign called on Islamic Relief USA’s supporters to raise funds for vital supplies to help those in need make it through the winter. Supporters moved by the appeal on the event’s homepage could donate outright or create a campaign to raise funds to help this important cause.

Smile Train

What they did

Smile Train used Qgiv’s standard donation form to provide visual impact at each donation level. Their donation amounts featured those they helped and even shared a statement about what the donations at each level would accomplish.

This visual representation of their cause created an inspiring campaign that made donors want to give. But they took this a step further and incorporated video as the header of their donation form. This video made it clear why donors should give to Smile Train.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

What they did

Like Elim Christian Services, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue utilized the promise of matching donations to spur their supporters to action. They were able to match up to $25,000 thanks to a supporter to their cause. 

Their page featured images of animals they helped, which provided proof that Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is an ideal place to donate if you care about the welfare of stray animals.  

Combining matching gifts, pictures of animals, and an active recent activity widget was a great way to convince visitors to their Giving Tuesday page to make a gift. 

They raised 156% of their $25,000 fundraising goal as a result, and those first $25,000 in donations were all matched. Those are some serious Giving Tuesday funds! 

Other Giving Tuesday resources

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Giving Tuesday campaigns from Qgiv clients, we hope you’re inspired to plan your own campaign. To help you plan your best Giving Tuesday campaign ever, here are some of our favorite Giving Tuesday resources: 

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