A Fundraising Resource Guide That Will Bring You Luck This St. Patrick’s Day

Fundraising Ideas

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Successful fundraising isn’t based on luck. But, when you have the right tools, your success can make you feel like you’ve found a pot of gold! We’ve got you clovered (it’s a holiday — you know we had to include a pun somewhere) with a list of 10 resources that will help make your fundraising efforts a success.

eBook: Grant Writing Toolkit

Applying for grants can be tough — there’s a lot to it! Our Grant Writing Toolkit will give you the knowledge and tools to find grants, court prospective funders, and write successful grant applications.

Grant Tracking Spreadsheet 

Don’t get overwhelmed during the different phases of grant submission. Stay organized with this spreadsheet as you track each grant application you’ve submitted.

eBook: Find & Engage Your P2Peeps

Recruiting and engaging a base of peer-to-peer supporters takes great communication skills and strategy. Download our eBook to learn how to successfully keep fans engaged in the fundraising process, how to build a core team of supporters, and more!

eBook: Radical Recurring Giving Guide 

Recurring donors are the best. Their donations provide a predictable stream of income! Download our guide and learn the ins and outs to building a great recurring giving program that’ll set you up for fundraising success now and in the future.

eBook: Four Seasons of Fundraising 

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with fresh, new ideas for event season. We’re here to help with an eBook listing 26 fundraising event ideas (and customer examples!) for sun, snow, and everything in between.

Template: Donor Communication Stewardship Plan 

We can’t say it enough: communicating and stewarding your donors is so, so important.  Recording interactions with donors is just as important, largely because it ensures all staff members are up-to-date on all donor communications. We’ve created this simple template that will help you track donor communications. Best part? You can customize to fit your organization’s plan!

Email Template: Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is one of the most exciting days of the year for nonprofits! It’s for the Qgiv Team as well: we love watching your campaigns on our social feeds and spend all day cheering you on. The event may be just one day, but it requires plenty of prep work—save some time with these handy email templates for before and during Giving Tuesday.

Webinar: Why Fundraising is the F-Word to Your Board & How to Fix It 

Few things are more critical to your nonprofit’s health, success, and sustainability than an effective board of directors. Check out this webinar by the always-knowledgeable Rachel Muir to learn tips and tools you can use to get your board members engaged in fundraising efforts.

Email Series: Fundraising Bootcamp 

New to fundraising? Want to brush up on the basics? We put together this Fundraising Boot Camp that lays out the basics of online fundraising in a series of short, easy-to-process emails that are delivered right to your inbox.

Email Series: Text Giving Crash Course

Text giving is a wonderful tool that allows donors to give from their phones in seconds. For text giving campaigns to be successful, you’ll need a great campaign strategy and follow-up plan. Our Crash Course will help you plan the best possible text giving campaign over the course of five short, easy-to-digest emails.

Blog: A Donor Thank-You Letter Template (Plus Extra Tips!) 

Thanking donors leads to great donor retention, especially if those thanks are communicate through thank-you letters. The more personal you can be, the better. This template will show you a thank-you letter we wrote for our (fictional) nonprofit, plus a breakdown of the structure and insight into why it works.

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