Client Spotlight: BFAIR

Fundraising Ideas

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Who they are

Who is BFAIR? BFAIR is a national and state accredited human service agency responsive to the unique needs of people with disabilities and their families through: 

  • A Dedication to Excellence 
  • Fiscal Responsibility 
  • Diverse Service Options 
  • Community Partnerships 
  • Safe and Healthy Environments 
  • Career Opportunities and Advancement 

What they did

BFAIR launched a text fundraising campaign for Giving Tuesday using Qgiv’s text-to-donate tools that they promoted on social media. They arranged for one of their supporters to pose for a photo op holding up a custom sign with a whiteboard explaining why she gave to support BFAIR. Then they continued to use their text-to-donate setup throughout their end-of-year campaign.

The social post included hashtags to gain attention and provided specific instructions on how to donate using Qgiv’s text-to-donate software. The post explained that donors could text BFAIR to 50155 to donate on their phones for Giving Tuesday.

What You Can Do

Your nonprofit can create a great text fundraising campaign like BFAIR using social media.

First, use hashtags that get attention on social media. You can also create your own simple hashtag for sharing so everyone can see your campaign by looking at your specific organization’s hashtag. Who knows? Your hashtag may start trending on social media if your fundraising campaign goes viral. Make highly visible posts that include an image or short video. These types of posts are seen and shared most on social media.

Lastly, include text-to-donate instructions on social media posts so that people can see how to donate to your text fundraising campaign. Using these steps will hopefully help your next text fundraising campaign go viral. 

Need text fundraising tools to emulate their success?

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