5 Ways to Encourage Kiosk Donations

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Nonprofit organizations and churches love the convenience of accepting kiosk donations; supporters and congregants only need a few seconds to swipe a card and give their gift. They get excited about offering such an easy way to donate and look forward to increased donations and donor engagement. Kiosks are great!

Occasionally, those same organizations are discouraged after a few weeks because kiosk donations haven’t taken off yet. They’ve collected a few gifts through the kiosk, but they’re starting to question their decision to offer an on-site donation option.

If this describes you, don’t give up! Kiosks are an invaluable way to collect donations. They’re fast, easy, and secure… and you can do a lot of different things to encourage kiosk donations. Here are 5 ideas:

1. Make an Announcement

Do your supporters know that you have a kiosk? You might be surprised at the answer, especially if you’ve got a low-profile kiosk in a corner of a lobby or entryway. Consider mentioning your new kiosk during announcements or event introduction. Some churches even included an announcement about their kiosk in their Sunday bulletins or information cards!

2. Send an E-mail

If making an announcement at your event or service isn’t feasible, sending an e-mail is a good way to tell your supporters about your new kiosk. It’s also a way to let them know about ways they can give if you’re concerned about interrupting the order of your service or event.

3. Use Signs

This is especially useful for churches or organizations with large facilities. Using signs is an easy way to indicate your kiosk’s location and make it easy to find, even in the pre- or post-service crowds or prior to a church event. Posting signs with simple how-to instructions or diagrams would also be helpful for people who have never used a kiosk before.

4. Make a Video

This is especially helpful for your supporters who may be leery about using new technology. Try making a short, instructional video that shows how easily they can make transactions and emphasizes the security and benefits of using a kiosk. You can post it on your website, include it in an e-mail, or even show it at the event itself. It may be what helps your less technologically-inclined supporters take the plunge.

5. Teach Your Volunteers

Stepping up to a new piece of technology that you’ve never used before can be intimidating, especially if one is not familiar with the concept of a payment kiosk. Put your donors at ease by training some volunteers to use the kiosk. Confident, experienced volunteers can answer questions and help your donors feel at ease in new situations.

Kiosks are a wonderful way to increase donations by allowing your supporters to give even when they don’t have cash or checks. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a little while for your fans or congregants to begin using them! Let people know about your newest donation option, make sure they’re comfortable using it, and watch it grow from there.

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