Fundraising Opportunities: How to Use Peer-to-Peer for Year-Round Giving

Fundraising Ideas

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Peer-to-peer fundraising is more than just a tool used for events. It’s the process of getting your supporters to fundraise on your behalf. If you’re interested in new fundraising opportunities, peer-to-peer fundraising can open a lot of doors. As you can imagine, getting supporters to raise funds for you can make reaching your annual fundraising goal a lot easier. So why not keep your peer-to-peer fundraising tools working for you year-round? Here’s how. 

Support DIY fundraising year-round

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank's DIY fundraising section on their website where supporters can create personal fundraising pages to raise funds on the food bank's behalf for a variety of reasons. This feature is powered by Qgiv's peer-to-peer platform.

The first of our fundraising opportunities is the use of peer-to-peer fundraising to support your DIY fundraising efforts. DIY fundraising is when your supporters raise funds on your behalf through individual self-guided campaigns. Even when not participating in one of your peer-to-peer events, your supporters may want to create campaigns and raise funds for you. Some common reasons supporters create DIY fundraisers are to donate their birthdays or set up a memorial fundraiser. 

Empower your supporters to do this all year long by creating a DIY campaign. This gives them the opportunity to set up  their own personal fundraising pages. This is a great way for supporters to not only give to your nonprofit, but to convince friends and family to support you as well. Because they’re not generally tied to events, like many other peer-to-peer formats, DIY fundraising also happens to be a very cost-effective means of fundraising with very low overhead. Your supporters can raise those donations at very low cost to your nonprofit. 

Whether they want to raise funds to honor someone else, donate their birthday, or just as a way to get others to give to you, it’s important that you make the option to create a personalized fundraising page available to your supporters at all times. Not only that, but check in with your would-be DIY donors and find out what features they need for their page. Be sure to include content widgets they request or even blank widgets where they can upload their own code or so they can livestream a fundraiser directly on your peer-to-peer platform. When you empower your donors this way, you’ll set yourself up for a serious return on your peer-to-peer investment. 

Use peer-to-peer tools for board member fundraising 

Beacon of Light's Board Appeal peer-to-peer fundraiser.

The second fundraising opportunity is for your board. Similar to DIY fundraisers, board members want to be able to support your nonprofit. A great way for them to be able to do that is with their own board fundraising pages. This way, they can direct their friends and family to their board fundraising page and get credit for when their family and friends give to your nonprofit. Giving these board members the option of raising money this way can help ease reluctant board members into raising money for your organization! 

If you set a goal for board members to reach with their fundraising, include a peer-to-peer fundraising thermometer on their personal fundraising page so they can visualize their progress toward their fundraising goal. 

You can also track board members’ fundraising progress with intuitive peer-to-peer reports. These reports show how much they’ve raised, who donated, and more. 

Keep peer-to-peer tools for recurring gifts year-round 

When it comes to fundraisnig opportunities, recurring gifts are one of the big ones. And, just like a standard donation form, Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform supports recurring gifts. When supporters choose to make a recurring donation to someone’s personal fundraising page, your nonprofit can continue to raise funds via your peer-to-peer platform long after your fundraising events end.  

You can encourage DIY fundraisers to ask for recurring gifts. This keeps your recurring gifts going and even encourages new monthly donations via your peer-to-peer platform. This is perfect for supporters who can’t give as much themselves but know people who can support your mission.  

With these recurring donations coming from personal fundraising pages, you also know exactly who to soft credit in your CRM. 

Use Peer-to-Peer for Events 

Lastly, you can use peer-to-peer for more of its intended purpose. Host events such as 5Ks or even contests in which dollars are counted as votes. In that fundraiser format, participants with the largest dollar amount raised on a personal fundraising page are the contest winner. 

Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform was built with your events and contests in mind. So plan your virtual, hybrid, and in-person peer-to-peer events throughout the year. Then, use these events to encourage your supporters to raise funds on your behalf. 

Final thoughts

Using peer-to-peer fundraising tools for year-round fundraising opens up your nonprofit to greater fundraising opportunities through DIY fundraisers, personalized board member fundraising pages, and the ability to accept recurring donations in response to DIY fundraisers. Peer-to-peer tools make it easy so support your nonprofit all year long. Empower your supporters to fundraise for you. You can do this by making it possible for them to create their own peer-to-peer fundraising pages on your website with a peer-to-peer donation form. 

Need a peer-to-peer fundraising solution for these fundraising opportunities? Give us a try. 

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